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Out Of The Comfort Zone!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

We ALWAYS have a choice! We can choose our approach to change, either to embrace it with enthusiasm or face it with dread! In reality, it's likely to involve a combination of excitement, fear, overwhelm & empowerment! This can be challenging to feel, but hey, at least we know we are alive ;) When making changes big enough to scare us, that go against old survival patterns & what we are familiar with, HOW we approach it is paramount.

One of the best ways we can support ourselves is by taking care of our mindset.

By choosing to keep our mind energy in the best possible place, we can more positively influence a favourable outcome! We absorb the learning & growth opportunities on the journey & reduce the negative impact on our body such as stress hormones. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! If you are going through change or feel it's time to, then I have some questions that could deliver some great insight from you!

Questions: * Where are you playing small? My motto this month has been 'Go Big or Go Home' & I have really stretched myself out of my comfort zone! It has both tested & liberated me! Why? Because we get one shot at this life! I have worked hard to shift my self-imposed limitations (& I really do understand how difficult this can be). At least I can say I really did give it my all & I won't have any major regrets. * What do you believe about yourself/others/the world that needs to change or shift? * How can you bring more of an adventurous attitude to your life? * What part of your routine needs shaking up? What can you do differently or try in a new way? * Where are you growing or expanding in life? Is it is in your relationships, with your mindset, your belief system, spirituality or your business or work etc?

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