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As my personal story has largely influenced the work I do, I will share a little of it with you. 

It certainly wasn't the journey I expected and it involved a tremendous amount of transformation. 


 At much of the time, I was so far outside my comfort zone, I needed a passport! 

Amanda Green 

My Story

I am a former sceptic of spirituality! 


In all honestly, I wanted to find the answers to my problems through science and psychology. 


Needless to say, it didn't work out that way! 


I certainly found many of the answers there, but the detective within me kept searching for the truth...which was not what I expected, to say the least! 

To cut a very long, enlightening, intense and emotional journey short, I found many of my answers in the shadow (the subconscious / unconscious parts of ourselves we have suppressed). 


Through this work, I have been able to connect to my intuition, emotional landscape and ultimately my soul. 

That classic film line "you can't handle the truth" was very true for me! I had no idea what I was unlocking. 


I was so stuck in my logical, sceptical, left hemisphere of my brain, I found the transition really difficult. 


I had no idea how much fear I had around spirituality and accessing the psychic realm. 


My fear was in fact my greatest block which is the case for so many of us. 


Spirituality, intuition and psychic ability is now my greatest gift and after my experiences, I have learned to have reverence for it. 

I wouldn't change my journey now of course, I have found my path, I know who I am and I have uncovered gifts I never knew I had. 


Spiritual and emotional intelligence have empowered me to change myself in many ways which has impacted all areas of my life. 

The best part is, I get to help other people in a more profound way now than I ever could have done before, in a really special way with a unique blend of skills. 


I feel blessed to help my clients heal and embrace their power and truth at a deeply transformational level...and ultimately their fullest potential. 

Who I Serve: 

Empathic, big-hearted people who want to make a difference, have impact, positive influence and move beyond their blocks. 


They are typically intuitive and sensitive. 

They are often insightful and great listeners, in fact people gravitate towards them for counsel, advice and a compassionate ear.

They are interested in personal development, learning and growing and often they know there is something more for them to discover! 

Challenges You May Encounter: 


  • Overthinking, analysis paralysis and rumination 


  • Impostor Syndrome / not feeling good enough 


  • Taking things personally 


  • Perfectionism and control 


  • Inability to see their gifts and abilities and to appreciate themselves 


  • A lack of trust and faith in themselves and their intuition


  • Letting go and living in the present 


  • Being able to receive (find it easier to give) 


  • Co-dependency, people pleasing, lack of boundaries  


  • Doubt, self-sabotage and limiting, conflicting beliefs


  • Emotional triggering e.g. anxiety, guilt, shame etc


How I Help:  


The above challenges are the areas I specialise in. I help people to see life, situations, themselves and relationships from an empowering new perspective. 


With 121 or group coaching I use a blend of psychology, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and practical techniques. 

Ultimately to enable you to balance your strength and sensitivity for fulfilment, vitality and wholeness in all areas of life. 

What Next? 

If this resonates for you then I would love to hear from you. 


Get in touch for a chat.  

Contact details below. 

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