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121 Transformational Coaching &

Next Level Self Development

 awakening empaths

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I am a professionally trained Coach with many years experience in 121 coaching & facilitating. 


Years of my life have been dedicated to researching, understanding & experiencing transformation. 

I am intuitive & I specialise in spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence, beliefs & behaviour in order to overcome what separates you from living life to your fullest expression & happiness. 

This is a HEART based journey. 

Like any coach, I cannot do it for you but I will provide value, guidance & profound insight for your journey. 

I would recommend reading 'Are You an Empath' via the button below to see if it resonates for you. 

Current Coaching Package Available:


For professionals who are serious about healing their Impostor Syndrome through Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence and practical implementation. 


6 x 90 minute 121 Coaching Sessions, 90 minutes via Zoom, in no more than 10 weeks. 

Fee: £678. 

Book a 20 minute discovery call via the Calendly booking app below. 

Expression of Interest
for 121 Coaching

Thanks for getting in touch!

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