A Handful of Client Testimonials

Hello there readers!


The most important feedback I receive is through hearing the results from clients during our calls but occasionally I ask them to put pen to paper about our coaching sessions. I hope this will give you a flavour of what you can expect.

"I got in touch with Amanda after a recommendation and she has worked wonders!

I have struggled with anxiety, low self-esteem, and confidence problems most of my life.

Amanda has helped me develop me. It feels like the barriers that were holding me back have been removed and I can now move forward with great pace.

I have learnt to understand forgiveness, judgement and being ok with myself. Anxiety and migraines have reduced significantly.

I am moving my business forward opening another office, mentoring other managers, growing my team.

I have asked Amanda to work with some of my team to help grow and develop and again the results have made a positive impact on not only the person but the business.

Would highly recommend."


Michelle Thompson, MD of Unique Homecare Services Ltd.

"I've had 2 sessions with Amanda so far which have been so incredibly helpful to me in unravelling some patterns of thinking that I have struggled with my whole life.

Amanda is positive, practical and personable in her approach. She has really helped things click into place for me and I already feel so much happier and confident." Fiona

"I've experienced two sessions with Amanda so far and the difference has been like night and day. My state of mind has improved immeasurably and I now go to sleep looking forward to the next day. I've done things that I've been procrastinating on in my career and in relationships. I feel like I've had 10 x the value of the cost of the sessions. Thank you Amanda." Richard

"Amanda helps me make sense of myself, my career/working life and most importantly my family life. I am drawn to her approach which is both straight-talking and abundant in kindness.

I know I am accountable for the work we do together because for the first time ever I am committed to changing the way I view my world. I highly recommend Amanda’s coaching, principles and practices to anyone looking for support with accountability.


You will need a tiny bit of courage to get you going however you will be hooked from the first session." Sam Moxham​, Director

"I have been fortunate enough to see Amanda both as a one to one and also to attend a workshop. There is lots to love about Amanda: her compassion; extensive professional knowledge; incredible insightfulness; accessible tools and her sense of humour! I could not believe how light I felt after my session, I came away with a new perspective on a difficult situation as well as the tools to deal with it. 


Attending Amanda’s workshop was a joy, lots of laughter amidst great practical advice and doable exercises. I can’t recommend Amanda enough both for one to one coaching as well as her workshops. I am looking forward to the next one!"

Bev Evans, business owner.

"My coaching with Amanda has been invaluable.  In just a few weeks I feel my outlook to be brighter and as I've been more productive in my work life, my overall sense of self-worth has been lifted somewhat. 


Amanda achieves balance between a sunny disposition and straight talk- both tools needed to turn the cogs towards positive change. Having someone you're accountable to can make a huge impact and I've found that first step to make positive changes to be very powerful." Hannah

"I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough. Her coaching techniques are highly innovative & inspirational & you feel immediately empowered to get started on the ‘New You!’

Her personality is highly engaging & she radiates warmth & enthusiasm which is incredibly infectious! She is very honest & openly shares her own personal experiences & how she daily manages to turn potential challenges into opportunities; whilst at the same time showing a genuine & sincere interest in your own areas of concern - suggesting incredibly helpful tools, techniques & advice on how to overcome them.

Not only will Amanda design a programme - custom-made for your individual needs but she will also provide constant support & she is always available to offer guidance & encouragement when needed.

Please give Amanda a call – you will not regret it!" Tony

"Before having coaching sessions with Amanda, I had lost my spark & was struggling to manage my inner critic, lacking in confidence & feeling uncertain about how to approach a career change resulting in me staying in my comfort zone. Amanda was recommended to me by a friend & I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.

Since starting the sessions with Amanda, I have been able to recognise the difference between my own thoughts and those of my inner critic, allowing me to have the courage to challenge myself & no longer fear change but to embrace it!

I am now beginning to experience life with a glowing heart once more & I am looking forward to what the future will bring. Amanda has supplied me with lots of different strategies to challenge myself & has been flexible & understanding in her approach throughout." Sara

"Amanda has been a fantastic coach to work with. She helped me to find the inner confidence to push myself into aiming higher than I was career wise.

Amanda has given me a lot of material to work with to further my life adventure, always happy to answer emails out of our usual appointments and very down to earth. Definitely goes the extra mile to help her clients and very reasonably priced for the amount of time she puts in.

Would definitely use her in the future for more self-learning if needs be. Thanks a million!" Andy.

"Amanda has helped me immeasurably through her coaching, her skills as an insightful coach and her personal energy, enthusiasm and positivity is incredibly infectious.


I have learned a huge amount from Amanda and am developing my own self-belief and confidence largely thanks to Amanda’s inspirational positive approach, in-depth understanding and insight into me, as well as her generous sharing of her knowledge, time, tools, techniques and own personal learning.

Amanda's style is infectious and she's a highly skilled coach, I would highly recommend her Raise Your Vibration day course and I know that I will certainly continue to work with Amanda as a coach and mentor in the future." Jo

“Amanda has helped me become a better me! Through our sessions together and continued use of my PEP journal and the exercises she provided, I have learnt that I can’t control everything in my life but I can deal with it.

Amanda taught me to take a different perspective and let go. I’ve always had self-doubt and anxiety and now have a new way to deal with it, through raising my vibration!

I’d recommend Amanda’s program to anyone who wants to achieve a more positive outlook on life and be a better version of themselves. Thank you.” Miss B

“Thanks Amanda for the supportive coaching session. The preparation questions were a helpful framework for me to define & focus on solutions & possible next steps. The session provided a safe space to explore issues, consider solutions & commit to some actions.


I instantly felt some benefit & I am looking forward to a follow-up session to celebrate progress & consider any actions that are proving more of a challenge.“ Jason

"When I started my coaching journey with Amanda, I really didn't know what to expect. I hoped that Amanda would give me all the answers and that everything would be hunky-dory. Well, things have changed massively for me but I wasn't handed the answers on a plate. 

Through a series of thought-provoking questions, the sessions really made me rethink certain situations and look at things through a different pair of glasses. I now sit back and think things through before making decisions. I think about what I really want and how my decisions (professional and personal) will impact my work / life balance as well as the benefits to myself and my family. I think about the end goal and how I can do my best to ensure that this looks how I want it to. 

My husband only commented a few days ago about how much he has seen my confidence grow and my decision -making process change over the past year and he himself puts this down to the coaching and support I received from Amanda. 

I cannot thank Amanda enough. It has been an amazing experience. I have laughed and cried more than once through my sessions and I often refer back to my notes to remind myself how far I have come and to keep focused." Jen

"Amanda was my Business Coach at a time when I felt I was at a crossroads in my career. Having worked with previous coaches in the past, I was delighted by Amanda's fresh approach to helping me come to the right decisions about my next move. A professional to the nth degree, her coaching is no-nonsense, supportive and progressive. 

Amanda's strengths lie in building strong, trusting relationships quickly and in clear effective communication. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a third party to help them gain clarity in their career, in whatever point they are at in life. If you are struggling to get from A to B or you're not sure where B is, this capable, motivational woman can help you." Sharon

"The sessions with Amanda very quickly allowed me to choose a path and be absolutely confident that finally I could see where I was going. The sessions were invaluable and Amanda has a gentle and soothing voice and I felt completely prepared for each one and relaxed and focused at the end."


"I would like to thank Amanda for her help and support over our coaching sessions. I have found them incredibly helpful, motivating and positive for my self-development. Much more so than I ever thought I would."  Stuart

"It may sound dramatic to say that Amanda's coaching has changed my life but it's true. Under Amanda's coaching, I have become a more confident, self-aware person. I no longer feel lost."


"Her questions were insightful, thought-provoking and sincere. I have found her to be highly competent in what she does." Sharon

"At first I was hesitant about being coached but I’m glad I embraced the opportunity. Since starting my coaching sessions with Amanda I feel more organised, motivated and have a clearer idea of what I need to do to achieve my goals. Amanda is a fantastic coach and I look forward to our calls, she’s always supportive and is never phased by any of the challenges I’m looking to overcome through coaching."


"It has been a tough year and the coaching has really helped me not to panic, to get focused and to take control. I think without the grounding this has given me, I may have given up on my business this year."



"Amanda was a great listener and always made me feel at ease. It was great that I could talk and not be judged or told what I should do; but rather given the opportunity to say out loud what I needed to do for me and make decisive conclusions. I now have the confidence and self-belief to be a more organised and forthcoming person."