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Heart Energy Activates Radical Transformation

HEART Code® is a culmination of what I have learned through my intense journey from being a sceptic of spirituality to awakening and discovering I am a psychic empath!


I wish to share this heart & soul based wisdom with you, or rather remind you. 

Because, if you have found your way to this page, it is highly likely you are an empath,(whether you know it or not) & I have found that the code to understanding yourself & your life is through the spiritual truth which you already know, but may have forgotten

Because we came here to remember that we are a soul having a human experience. 

The energy of the heart is the most powerful key (which you carry inside you) to transforming yourself & your life for the better.

It is the energy of LOVE. 

It is more powerful than your fear. 

When you open your spiritual heart to the truth; you will know: 


* You are, always have been & always will be enough

* You are worthy of love & abundance 

* You are infinite potential

* Everything is created at the level of energy 

You are here to create your reality through a lens of love and to let go of fear. 

Let's unlearn the patterns and conditioning that society or life experiences have taught us & undo the belief systems that do not support our growth.


Lack & limitation are a heavy weight to carry & they are an opposing vibration to abundance.

Let's forge a new path, powered by the infinite potential of an open-heart. 

This is HEART Code ®

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