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Leadership Research Project

Inside the Minds & Hearts of Leaders.

I have always been fascinated about what makes a great leader.


It's a big question!


I believe a lot of this comes down to who you are on the inside & of course, whether this sounds like a cliche or not; it is indeed a journey! 

I have spent my life studying, researching & meditating upon the human psyche & the mechanics behind the mind & our thinking, our emotions & physiology, our language & behaviour, our spirit & soul.


This experience & research has ranged from the psychological to the psycho-spiritual & is ongoing; likely eternal because we will never have all the answers.

I am exploring leadership in the context of Emotional Intelligence & Spiritual Intelligence, often these are used but potentially may not be understood by these specific terms. 

My intention is to take a wide lens view to gain the greatest perspective by conversing with & interviewing those in the field. 

This project has several facets.


It is a passion project of pure indulgence on my part to learn more, explore and tap into the minds and hearts of experienced leaders who are changing the status quo. 

This is how I get my kicks! To be fair, it could be worse! :) 

It has the potential to form part of a book. Permission to quote & include interviewees would be requested at that time, for now, it's just about having a free flowing, confidential & exploratory conversation. 


This research will also contribute to the further development of the Elemental Leadership® model & programme based on leading from within. 


After all, I am an eternal student & I believe that researching with the experienced can only enhance progress. 

Who Am I Looking For? 

Business Owners, Directors, Leaders & Managers from all industries & sizes (it has to be a wide spectrum) who are:


* open-minded to having a conversation about your leadership from the perspective of emotional & spiritual intelligence.


It is essentially around your levels of self-awareness & understanding of yourself & others, beyond the material. 


It is not connected to religion or specific spiritual practice & has no bias. 


If you have a faith, we can explore how you feel that impacts your leadership.


There is no dominant opinion here, it is purely open & exploratory. 

If this intrigues you, I thank you for your time, energy & valuable input in advance. 

Let's talk! 

Please contact me using the form below or email at:

Ready To Contribute?

Let's have a conversation! 

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