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 Your emPath to Empowerment!

There are many resources already written about Empaths, so there's no need for me to reinvent the wheel here. 

What I will do, is explain the type of empathic clients that I work with so you can see if this speaks to you.  


My clients wish to make a real difference to people. You are in service to others and you genuinely from the bottom of your heart, want to help others, it's just the way you are made.


This makes you an incredible leader, business owner, coach or therapist as a few examples. 


You are naturally skilled at what you do (so much so in fact, that you might even find it hard to recognise this, because you are doing what is obvious to you!) and you have a real desire to see the change. 

You can get a 'feeling' about something or someone and be absolutely right, but you don't know how you know! Your gut and mind can sometimes be saying different things & it can be hard to know which to trust. 

People love to be in your company, they feel understood and heard by you and they feel better after they have spoken with you....this can leave you feeling either enthused or exhausted! 

Because you can and do help people and because you are sensitive to other's feelings, this can make it difficult to disagree, handle confrontation, say no or set boundaries with others, which ends up costing you in time, money, energy or all three.


For some it can be very challenging to 'let go' and forgive the past. 


And it is often the case that empaths attract some people who try to control them or take from them and don't treat them respectfully.  All of this experience has a spiritual purpose. 

Empaths are naturally so giving which is a wonderful thing, especially when blended with discernment and the ability to receive. 

You either feel very deeply, or in some cases, you may have subconsciously numbed out or sedated your feelings because of external pressure and expectations or the conscious need to escape from these emotions. 

You are sensitive in the sense that you are highly attuned to other people's thoughts and feelings and you are intuitive (often psychic whether you know it or not!).

You may have a fear of expressing emotions. 


When this power isn't fully awakened or understood, it can lead to overthinking and overwhelm and feeling tired and wired! 

You have a need for a deeper connection & understanding of life because the ordinary explanations don't seem to really do it for you, or fully explain things. 


You actually need the space to explore this deeper meaning along with your spirituality and emotional landscape, but the demands of life (really the fears) drive you to 'just get on with it' or keep 'doing' more. 

You feel the need to be in control and can find it challenging to go with the flow and surrender to the higher power of your inner guidance (which struggles to get through the noise of the busy mind). 

You may well carry traits of perfectionism, self-doubt and people pleasing because despite being exceptional at what you do and a great person, there is bubbling away underneath this, a deep rooted fear of not being good enough. 

Some of you may have patterns of self-sabotage, which hold you back from doing exactly what you came here to do and what deep down you know you are capable of.

Empaths can often be humble and not fully own their talents, gifts & skills. 


Perhaps you have a fear of public speaking or speaking up, even though when you do it, you do a brilliant job?! 

Some of you may feel out of place in the world, like you are 'different' or think differently to others. That's because you do! Anybody who is here to change the world in a small or a big way, must be different, that's how change happens. 

You may have an unhealed relationship with money and limiting beliefs around your worthiness and valuing yourself, especially if your business is you!  

You don't want to live life on the hamster wheel and you feel there must be a better way to be. That's because, you are absolutely right, there is! 

You are ready and willing to invest in yourself and to back yourself in this adventure we call life, to commit and do the work, because I can lovingly guide and challenge you (and it is better together) but I cannot do it for you. 


If this resonates with you and you really ready to develop into becoming an:

Awakened and Empowered Empath,

here's what we can work towards: 

* Opening your heart & mind to your higher power, so you can feel guided by your inner wisdom and intuition without the need for overthinking. 

* Feeling good more of the time, through shifting into more love based thinking and feeling. 

* Focusing on courage, developing and appreciating this superpower. 

* Working with your emotional energy so you feel more energised, less depleted and  stressed and can re-calibrate easily.  

* Understand the learning available in your circumstances at a deeper level of meaning and raising your consciousness. 

* Embracing challenge as an opportunity to transform, gain strength and confidence. 

* Navigating situations with grace and integrity & raising your awareness around this. 


* Opening the heart - being able to fully give & receive in equal measure. ​

* Understanding your personal path, purpose and destiny. ​

* Learning how to love yourself unconditionally. 


* Improving your personal & professional relationships & boundaries. 

* Finding self-acceptance, peace and extraordinary levels of trust in yourself & the universe. 


* Transforming your beliefs in order to influence external circumstances.

* Releasing old stories, past pain, resentment & whatever no longer serves you. 

* Deepening your relationship with yourself & with the divine. 

* Finding fulfilment, success and happiness in your work and life so that you can serve to your highest ability and be financially and emotionally rewarded. 

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