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The Model

Elemental Leadership® is an integration model with two aspects; Personal Leadership & Organisational Leadership


It provides a platform of 4 elemental energies that represent the 4 cornerstones of health, vitality and performance for individuals and organisations to integrate. 


The focus is awareness, clarity, ownership, continuous improvement and development for a sustainable way to live, work and thrive. 

Personal Leadership: Leading from the inside out! 

We are all leaders in some capacity, be that of ourselves & our own lives through to our families, teams or organisations.


Many of us are in positions where we are actively influencing people. 

The objective of this work is to develop wholeness and integrity (which comes from being integrated) and increase self-awareness.

The basis is spiritual & emotional intelligence. 

These are the two lesser understood intelligences and they are the missing link! 

As we become the optimal version of ourselves, we find greater happiness, fulfilment, balance and motivation.


We increase our performance, productivity, clarity and focus and we significantly benefit everyone we engage with. 

This programme will not only benefit the individual having the experience enormously but the ripple effect is limitless. 

This experience will take the individual on a journey of self-discovery via the 4 elements of ourselves that make us whole. 


Well balanced, confident and emotionally intelligent professionals bring a more positively powerful contribution to any environment or team as well as their own lives. 

Not only is this work a contribution to the person, your team, your business and their family, it is a contribution to humanity. 


Organisational Leadership: 

Taking a sustainable and integrated open approach with shared responsibility and vulnerability. 

The four dimensions of an organisation require attention and energy.


The level to which the leaders and the team members are integrated personally, will reflect how integrated the organisation is. 


The objective of this work is to become a healthy organisation and therefore a high performing one. 



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Communication & Culture 

Personal Leadership: 

Your mind & consciousness; from your thoughts & beliefs through to your expression. 

Organisational Leadership:  

Shared experience & shared message of the collective. Community, connection, communication, knowledge, belonging, understanding.


Sustainable Foundations 


Personal Leadership:

Your roots; being practical, taking responsibility, developing resilience, being present, having trust & patience. 

Organisational Leadership:

Collective responsibility for the processes & tasks required for effective performance in a sustainable way. 

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Meaning & Motivation

Personal Leadership:

Your fuel; your sense of purpose & the passion that drives your action. The vision you hold & the values you align with & live by. Your courage, your boundaries & inner strength.

Organisational Leadership:

The vision & the mission that provides the collective direction & purpose.

The values that clarify expectations & support the journey. 


Emotional Intelligence

Personal Leadership:

Understanding yourself & others deeply, through highly developed levels of emotional intelligence. Emotional mastery & improved relationships. 

Organisational Leadership:

Focused & committed personal & professional development of individuals, through training & coaching for their growth. 

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