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What Is Spiritual Intelligence?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

In short, it's understanding and living life at a deeper level of meaning.

There is also a very long answer to this question, but that's another blog.

In the meantime, let's take a quick look at the range of levels within spiritual intelligence;

* A deep connection to your sense of purpose beyond anything material.

* A commitment to living in alignment with your core values in thought, word and deed.

* Being prepared to use the gifts we have been bestowed with, regardless of fear, for the good of others.

* Tuning into and following the desires of the heart and soul. Tuning out the wounded ego and societal expectations.

* Recognising yourself as more than the body and thoughts, as a source of energy. Your vibration is made up of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, fears, desires, hopes, dreams. These project into our external reality.

* Understanding of universal laws and how they work e.g law of cause and effect, law of attraction, law of action etc.

* Understanding of the symbolic and deeper meaning of life experiences, situations, chaos and relationships for personal growth.

* Gratitude for the opportunity to play the game of life!

* Actively using the right hemisphere of the brain to channel intuition, creativity and imagination.

* Receiving powerful dreams or experiencing premonitions.

* Psychic ability; clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and more. Connection to the afterlife.

There is much more to SQ that I would need to cover to do it any level of justice such as understanding the concept of oneness, the power of love and compassion, the journey of the soul and more! So this is just a light touch.

I have come to learn that little happens by pure coincidence in this life.

Buying the same chicken salad as your colleague at lunchtime is a coincidence and clearly does not mean you are star crossed lovers :D

However, much that happens in this life has a deeper level of meaning and purpose for us.

Everything is reflecting something back to us to help us integrate and grow.

Every emotion we feel carries a powerful message but they are often shut down, avoided or misunderstood.

We can see the wisdom here when we stretch beyond the logical mind (that's only half of our brain capacity!) and tune into spiritual truth and intuition.

It also means that we truly can shape our that's exciting!

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