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Tuesday Tarot: Rise & Shine!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Rise and Shine – Tuesday Tarot

In the magical land of make believe, we can find many a true story!

In myth, in legend & fables, we find truth & symbolism that spans the ages. We continue to return to the timeless truths from ancient philosophy.

This is one of those true stories, where treasure is buried & re-discovered many years later. This story may be your personal truth.

Two cards flipped for me & inspired me to write my weekly slot. It’s two of the Major Arcana; Judgement and The Sun (from the Shadowscape Tarot). So, I felt they warrant a magical twist!

The Judgement card is about answering the call, it is spiritual awakening & connection to our soul.

It is an invitation to rise up, to elevate to your highest power after a period of transformation & to become all that you came here to be.

The Sun is the most radiant card in the deck. It is self-actualisation, the great becoming! A nod to getting out there, sharing your gifts & shining!

It is a sign of abundance, opportunity, freedom & motion!

So here’s a little magical story of truth for you. (I refer to ‘she’ throughout for simplicity, but this is not a gender specific story, please substitute with the word of choice, it applies to all. The divine feminine is within each of us.

A warrior of light was birthed into the world, she was a beautiful beacon of happiness, joy & purity. Her heart was full of source love, she was connected to divine intelligence.

She knew she was here to sing her own song & dance to her own tune. She knew her soul came here for a purpose.

She thought this land would be a magical place of pure potentiality to fulfil her dreams & desires.

She hoped to delight in the joy & rapture that each day would bring, as long as her full heart was beating.

Along her journey, she learned that some of the people she encountered were not full of heart, they had limiting beliefs & their views of the world were small.

Some were in pain but didn’t understand why & they didn’t appreciate her trying to tell them the answer.

She knew there was a better way but they thought she was just a little girl who couldn’t know anything.

Some of these people had forgotten how to let their hearts play, they had lost their magic & imagination. They had forgotten the purpose of life, to live in joy & understand we are all connected.

Her pure heart became burdened as she absorbed the opinions, beliefs & dialogue of others. She made poor choices from these limited perspectives.

She conformed to how she was ‘supposed’ to be & how she ‘should’ think & behave until she really didn’t know herself anymore.

It didn’t ever feel safe to share her magic so she locked it away in a music box & swallowed the key. From this point on, she vowed to follow the guidance outside of herself.

Years passed & her memory of magic had completely faded, she tried all sorts of ways to fit in & couldn’t understand why nothing really worked.

She didn’t understand for a long time that her soul was aching to be re-discovered. She didn’t know that the call was sounding for her to return to her true self, to source light & her destined path.

None of this was explained to her. Nobody seemed to have this wisdom.

There were ‘options’ available to reach supposed ‘happiness’ but they all came from outside sources & there was so much fear & sadness in the world.

She started exploring different paths, learning from others who had different experiences of life. She learned to go within & eventually, she found her own truth.

The key that she had swallowed long ago was still inside her!

The more she went within & trusted herself, the more she unlocked who she really was. The more she tapped back into the magic.

The thing is, it had never really left, it was just buried under the layers of ideas, cultural ideals, societal impressions & limitations.

And so gradually she answered the call. She found her light.

Her vision & perception are renewed – she can see again! She made the changes to her life that her heart ached for. She knows who she is & where to find her answers.

She sees the magic in herself & all others. Her experience is heaven on earth.

This is her forever state. She is safe. She carries this light in her heart for all eternity.

The End…….that sounds more like a brand new beginning!

You Are The Magic!

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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