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Tuesday Tarot! Relationships: BehiNd The Scenes.

The moon is in the fullness of her mystical wisdom in this image & hard to ignore when she glows through our curtains at night, interrupting our slumber, just as she moves the tides.

If we are living under any illusions, she will interfere with our sleep patterns & emotions to stir the pot & awaken us to a new truth.

She reminds us that paying attention to our inner world is as vital as getting stuff done under the sun. She is the yin to our yang.

The moon draws our attention to what is hidden, she illuminates the patterns in our subconscious that require healing & reflects it back to us through our dreams.

How do we see the truth?

These messages appear oftentimes in 3D reality, through the guise of relationships.

Our relationships are a mirror of what requires integrating from within. Other people are a constant reflection of what we need to know.

The 2 of Water represents union, partnership, harmony, relationships & purpose. It is where we swim along with one another in an ocean of emotion & the sea of reality.

To Consider:

How do you feel about the relationships in your life currently?

Any dissatisfaction, unmet needs, emotional challenge, communication issues or blurred boundaries are a sign that there is something to address within yourself as well as the relationship.

The law of attraction is in action here.

When we do the moon’s work (inner work) our outer reality changes for the better. Relationships, whether for a reason, a season or a lifetime, ultimately teach us something valuable about ourselves.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

Cards from 'The Good Tarot' by Collette Baron-Reid.

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