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Tuesday Tarot: Dreams

We all have another level to access…the realms of our higher consciousness.

This playground most commonly comes alive under the lunar light in our dreams & through deep meditations.

Our dreams provide messages from a higher source, represented by the Pegasus soaring through the clouds in the ‘Knight of Voices’ card above.

Sometimes vivid & sometimes nuanced. It can be like piecing a puzzle together over time.

We receive guidance through our dreamscape that help us to make decisions, heal & transform.

Our subconscious can sift through the experiences & emotions of our day & our unconscious can communicate with us, our fears & desires.

It takes practice to accurately interpret dreams. It requires intuition & open mindedness.

The ‘Queen of Emotions’ card shows our dual existence; what we see on the surface & what lies beneath.

Magic happens when we combine the physical with the spiritual; earth & air. This is co-creation!

Much like the vast expanse that is the ocean (covering 70% of the Earth’s surface) there is a rich depth to all of us with a gold mine of beauty, shadow & psychic energy to explore.

Top Tips for Dream Interpretation:

Record your dreams as soon as you wake from them. It requires commitment.

Set an intention to receive & remember. It takes practice.

Note all details including colours, animals etc. They have meaning.

Record your emotions (the feelings you had in the dream). This is revealing.

Dreams speak to us through symbols, they are not ‘logical’ so we need to take a right brained approach. Consider what the images & experiences symbolise.

Eg a baby being born does could symbolise a new beginning or birthing something new into the world.

Eg driving a car can symbolise your relationship with control. It can represent how you steer your life or how you take care of yourself / your body (the vehicle for your soul).

When you see other people in your dreams, sometimes it is about that person but it is also highly likely they represent a part of you. Eg your inner masculine or feminine energy or inner child. Everyone is a mirror to us.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

Cards from the Muse Tarot by Chris Anne.

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