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Tuesday Tarot: Big Changes!

There is huge potential for transformational levels of change at present!

You could be….

· Seeing from a new perspective.

· Realising things that used to bother you, no longer seem to.

· Feeling a desire to change unsupportive thinking patterns.

· Getting a grip in regards to addictions.

· Having breakthroughs in your work.

· Trusting intuition.

· Developing psychic ability.

· Reflecting on situations/relationships with lessons clicking into place.

· Having more vivid dreams &/or feeling tired.

· Observing people from the past popping up.

· Getting help to heal.

· Learning something new/a different direction.

I chuckled to myself at the cards that flipped out for this message! They could not be more appropriate.

It is time for BIG CHANGE! Karma is shifting!

The Sorcerer & The Ouroboros from The Mystical Dreams Tarot Deck are the equivalent to the Major Arcana cards The Devil & The Wheel of Fortune.

The Devil card represents what traps us, from limiting beliefs & negative thinking to addictions. It’s what lures us in & keeps us stuck in unhelpful thinking/behaviour.

The Wheel of Fortune is about karma & change. It represents fate & destiny, the changing cycles of life/a turn of events.

What I have come to understand through my research, personal experience & working with many clients, is that we change our reality when break our patterns.

When we transform through the archetypes within….karma shifts.

At this level of transformation, we can return to the ‘self’ which is the truth of who we are.

The ‘self’ lives beyond our fears, survival patterns & thoughts. It exists beyond layers of limiting beliefs, malfunctioning emotional responses & the masks we wear.

Last week, I delivered a masterclass on Impostor Syndrome & touched on the specific patterns/archetypes connected to it. I will save this for future blogs.

We all have our own combination of archetypes within. They are either working in their lightest aspect or their shadow, either way, they hold great power!

Wishing you much positive change for the weeks ahead as the karmic wheel turns.

Good Vibes, Amanda

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