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Tuesday Tarot!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

It’s time for Tuesday Tarot with the 9 of Cups and the King of Pentacles today!

I have titled this glorious combination ‘Foundations For Growth.’

In order to rise to great heights, we require solid foundations. Making space for reflection & planning can empower us to move forward with increased strength & renewed vitality.

Everything we have experienced up until now can teach us something valuable, guide us to a better understanding of ourselves & what matters to us.

Questions to consider (grab a notebook):

• What do you wish to create in your life?

Deep breath, connect to your heart, stretch yourself, aim high & allow your imagination to wander! Jot it all down.

• For each desire, ask yourself WHY you want it (what it means to you).

Be honest, ask yourself what is the driving force or intention behind each of your desires.

• Out of interest, have you noticed a theme or pattern?

• Are any fears cropping up?

These will highlight any blocks, barriers & biases to work through. They present themselves in the form of limiting beliefs & negative thoughts.

To enhance our journey & what we learn along the way, it’s worth revisiting personal & business values.

Intrinsic motivation is about connecting with something that drives us at a deeper level. It can be more powerful than a purely goal orientated / end result / material focus.

Our values can be an anchor in the most challenging of times.

• What are your values?

• Who and how do you want to be / become…& why?

This might relate to any area of life from your physical health, body & energy levels to your mindset, attitude, communication, relationships, personal development, spirituality, business or home life. It’s all connected!

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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