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The Personal Leadership Programme 



  • Developed sense of self, increased self-awareness 


  • Increased levels of emotional intelligence 


  • Increased focus, direction and productivity


  • Connection to motivation, values and drive 


  • Improved mental health, emotional health, psychological health & overall wellness


  • Improved communication & enhanced relationship skills 


  • Increased potential to positively impact a culture and environment 


  • Enhanced leadership ability and management skills 


  • Powerful transformation to reach full potential, beyond limitations 


  • Greater sense of loyalty and emotional investment 



People are critical to the performance of an organisation.


Psychologically healthy people will make a greater contribution. 


Every individual has an impact on the organisation from the role they undertake, the characteristics they have, the contribution they make and the energy they bring. 


If they are in a position of management or leadership, then they have an even greater impact (or should have, in a grounded, positive and empowering way). 


If people are functioning as part of a team or a department this adds another dimension to their potential impact on the organisation. 


Elemental Leadership addresses the awareness and personal leadership of the individual regarding their sense of self and emotional intelligence.


The relationship we have with ourselves impacts the quality of every relationship we have with others; clients, suppliers, co-workers, teams and families.  


Investing in people’s personal development is just as critical as developing their technical skills.


This is investment at a deep level, something that will help people now and for the rest of their lives. It demonstrates high regard.  


Why wouldn’t you want your people to be thriving and operating at their highest potential when you are putting the success of your organisation in their charge? 


The more personally developed and resilient we are, the higher performing, happier and more constructive we can be within an organisation. 


Elemental Leadership is a transformative development focused experience.  

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