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“If you hear a voice within you saying you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” - Vincent Van Gogh

As a former chronic self-doubter, 

I know that self-doubt is one of the greatest barriers to living a fulfilled life. 

If we think about it in terms of energy, it’s on the mood hoover scale! 

When we doubt ourselves, it quite literally drains our energy. 

It’s a bit like doing the Hokey Cokey….but not quite as fun! 

IN, OUT & SHAKE it all about!

The spark of an idea for something great – I’m IN! 

then the thoughts & feelings start cropping up to rain on your parade – I’m OUT! 

(interestingly the word 'out' fits into 'doubt')

Ensued by confusion & frustration. 

Essentially your energy is jumbled & shaking about; oscillating, like being on a see saw, back and forth. 

You can even feel like this once you have decided & moved forward; 

Go, Stop, Go, Stop! 

It is exhausting! 

Ever tried riding a horse? 

Same thing applies to nervous riders....

they give the signal for the horse to move forward, 

then in comes a bit of fear / panic, maybe feeling out of control, so they pull on the reins. 

Very confusing for the horse & no wonder it can’t move properly. 

So having doubt is literally like trying to ride a horse with the brakes on! 

Much of this emotional energy is taking place at a subconscious level. 

You learn a lot about the disconnect between mind & body through riding horses, 

what we THINK you are doing right, doesn’t work because we are not fully aligned. 

The best way to overcome self-doubt is to actively work on it, 

the key part being - from the inside out. 

I have found in my work & research is that the people who suffer with self-doubt actually fear the enormity of their potential & are putting up a barrier to their own success. 

Aren’t we just fascinating creatures?! 

I have the tools to transform self-doubt, at the level of mind, body and spirit. 

For now, re-frame your Self-Doubt as an indicator of your enormous potential! 

That has a completely different energy to it! 

Good Vibes, Amanda G 

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