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Non-Judgement - Integrity - Empowerment - Humour

Recently I was asked a thought provoking question!

I was asked what my signature approach to business & delivering value is.

The best way I had of answering it was within these 4 elements:

Non-judgement – Integrity – Empowerment – Humour

My clients are often high performers who share their vulnerability & deepest truths with me.

I have enormous respect for them & for the bond of trust between us. It is nothing short of a privilege.

I hold a healing & genuinely non-judgemental space to explore in safety. I really hear & see them.

Regardless of my intuitive gifts for seeing beneath the obvious, I maintain that my clients must know & trust their own truths.

It is always my objective to empower people to tap into their own intuitive power source.

I do not encourage anyone to become remotely dependent on me in any way to flatter myself or make sales.

This work is not about me, I am purely a channel for wisdom that they already know, but may not have accessed yet.

My work is transformative, but I do not make bogus claims that I personally transform people or even worse ‘fix’ them!

It is my clients who do the work, I believe in their capability.

I share alternative perspectives & techniques on navigating personal & professional challenges or people. They transform themselves.

I believe in the hidden power & magic in everyone.

There is gold to mine when we are prepared to look more deeply at what is being reflected to us. There is purpose in everything.

Finally, when doing such deep work, I find a sense of humour provides a wonderful balance!

Laughter really is one of the best medicines!

I am not ashamed to share that I frequently laugh at my own jokes :D & at myself! It’s good not to always take ourselves too seriously.

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