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Make A Wish & Hay-Fever!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Anyone else noticed how many dandelions are floating around at the moment..?

Where I live, they are growing like crazy & the clocks are blowing around like snow!

It made me laugh when this card popped out yesterday (given that I have about 60 decks to choose from)!

As a child I remember 'telling the time' by blowing the seeds (I use my iPhone these days which is why I am not late for appointments ;)

Remember making wishes with these magical weeds?

Maybe you have done it recently with your children or to reignite the wonderful imagination of your inner child.

Can we put our intentions out there & release the need to so tightly control exactly how it happens?

Can we let go and trust?


Many struggle with the various challenging symptoms of hay-fever when the pollen count is high.

I find it fascinating that physical symptoms can be connected to specific emotional & psychological patterns. Some are subconscious or unconscious.

Here are some examples re hay-fever:

* Sensitivity (not honouring it, using it to its full capacity or not grounding it)

* Irritation, frustration, anger, feeling stuck, defensiveness

* Giving power away to others or via addictive behaviours

* Suppressing emotions

* Listening to thoughts and overthinking, instead of tuning into the heart

* Guilt

* Not making enough time for yourself

* Not having an abundant mindset & believing that there is 'enough' (e.g time, money, love, resources).

Good Vibes, Amanda G

Card image from the Oracle of 7 Energies Deck by the very talented Colette Baron-Reid

Recommended books: The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal

Heal Your Body by Louise Hay.

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