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Elephant Wisdom!

So happy to receive this beautiful creation from the very talented Sarah Hardy!

Thank you! I am going to frame it!

I am lucky enough to have seen these incredible creatures in their natural habitat some years ago. One day, I would love to take my family on that experience.

We may not see wild elephants today, but the symbolism will pop up as and we need a dose of that natural medicine.

You have to have your eyes & your mind open… you may see them in shops, in the form of stationery, jewellery, clothing, boxes, pictures, on wildlife programmes & in so many more forms!

Let me know if you spot at least one elephant this week 😊

What We Can Learn from Elephant wisdom:

* Strength (don’t doubt your own!) and Sensitivity – they do work together in beautiful harmony.

* A deep sense of Family (relationships require nurturing, the tricky part can be in choosing the right ones! Sometimes it’s down to timing & it always brings lessons).

* Grounding (it is vital to be earthed to feel secure & stable within yourself).

* Embrace your importance & take up space.

* Trust your natural intelligence & intuition…I have found that life works better that way.

* Move obstacles out of your path (errmmm sometimes this is ourselves)!

* Memories that hold us back are the ones we need to release (when we let them go with learning & love, then we can find a portion of peace).

I hope that serves you in some way.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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