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Dark Night

The dark night of subjugation Hades delivers the non-invitation, No RSVP, no need to reply The underworld beckons, something must die.

Plunged into the darkest depths of emotion In the belly of a whale, lost in the ocean, Drained and exhausted and laced with confusion Resistance is futile, surrender is the only conclusion.

Washing away the old patterns and the pain No more rinse and repeat or familiar terrain, Cleanse the soul and heal the wounds from within This internal tornado stirs a brand new beginning.

The ego so desperately wanted to be ‘good’ To filter reality, to fit with the ‘should,’ Will the answer (or illusion) be found at all cost? The price is too great, for the soul will be lost.

We are good, we are bad, we are everything in between Let’s accept and learn from where we have been, Let go of the judgement, of the need to be right Release resentment and blame, gently let in the light.

Alignment commences between soul and ego Transformation occurs; journey of the hero, The truth can hurt, but it will set us free Hush dear ego and let the soul lesson be.

Transformational shifts rock the body to the core Forever changed, we have opened the door, Electric energy charges the physical It’s bigger than us, it’s karmic, it’s visceral.

The wounded ego may show its face Eye of a lizard with shame to embrace! The inner victim must loosen its hold Time to alchemise, to turn lead into gold.

Embrace the shadow, see the truth through the pain And rise from the mire with the soul power we gain, Hope creeps in bringing faith and relief We faced our demons and honoured our grief.

Deadwood is cleared, there is space for the new With strength and grace, now our light can shine through, Light follows darkness as day breaks the night Rise like the phoenix, you are ready for flight.

From death comes rebirth, with purpose and power Higher perspective reigns now, hour by hour Cosmic energy flows through the body and soul The world looks so different, now we are whole.

Written by Amanda Green 30.03.21

Cards in the image from the Muse Tarot Deck by the talented Chris-Anne.

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