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Abundance is a Heart-Set!

Updated: Feb 25

Abundance is a high frequency energy connected to the heart.   


It is essentially the concept of plentiful supply, of there always being ‘enough’ and more.


It is an expansive perspective – think growth mindset.


It literally FEELS good to focus on Abundance!


Abundance comes in many forms & an open-heart is receptive and grateful for them all.


To be abundant in the most heartfelt sense, means to know that we are enough, which is the truth.


When we shift into a perspective of Abundance, we activate feel good hormones in the body, so it’s literally good for our health to be this way!


Consequently, when we focus on & are dragged down by thoughts or feelings of lack & limitation, we activate stress hormones in the body.


When this becomes a pattern (and therefore a self-fulfilling prophecy), it represents a block to the heart.


Anything can be changed! We have enormous potential within us to impact our reality!


Let’s make the shift to an Abundance heart-set.


Notice when we say or feel there isn’t ‘enough’ of something (time, money, love, support, resources, opportunities being among the most common examples) and let’s flip it.


Because the choice really does make every difference and you are worthy

Good Vibes, Amanda G






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