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Workshops 2024

These are SINGLE event Workshops, 2 hours with a Workbook via zoom in a like-minded group. 

There are two different workshops available with different content under the overarching theme of HEART Code ® :

Heart Energy Activates Radical Transformation. 

Workshop: Open to Your SPIRITUAL Heart.

Workshop: Your MAGNETIC Heart.  

Opening To Your Spiritual Heart Workshop

HEART Code-3.png

Do you know the truth of who you are? 


In this workshop, I share the wisdom I have gained through my personal transformation & awakening experience. 


The purpose being, to help you open & connect to your spiritual heart & to enhance your life on every level! 


I will explain the soul & how it connects to co-creation, the law of vibration & the law of attraction. 


I will also share how past / parallel lives influence your current life, karma & how to align with your destiny & the most vibrant version of yourself for greater health & joy! 

Next Date TBC!

Your Magnetic Heart Workshop

HEART Code-4.png

In this empowering workshop, we will connect to the unlimited power of our heart energy & it's magnetic field! 


We know that our vibe attracts our tribe & when we feel good, our perspective shifts as does our reality. 


We are a human magnet attracting (different to chasing!) goodness into our lives!


I will share the 2 Key Life Changing Aspects & techniques to working with heart energy for our most transformative, fulfilling & joyful life experience. 

Next Date: TBC!

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