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What Are You Asking For....Really?!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

We all have WAY more potential & mind power than we can begin to comprehend....which is WAY more exciting when we actually know how to use it. Our beliefs create our reality but many of them are unconscious.

The subconsious is all powerful & is a driving force in your energy. It will either bring your dreams, opportunities & ideal relationships towards you or drive you into less helpful & less healthy scenarios. Likely a mixture of this!

Our subconscious drives everything from our feelings to our behaviour & even our body weight!

Have you ever felt like you are having a tug of war internally? As if you are having a battle with yourself? One part of you really wants something...but it doesn't match up with your choices & seems like you just can't get there?

It is highly likely that if this is the case, it is RESISTANCE & it is coming from a sub-part of you that requires some healing.

It may not feel like it, but all the different elements that make up the self actually do have your best interests at heart on some level.

However, it is likely that some of these parts come from a very old story that no longer serves you. If you have experienced anxiety, it is a message from your subconscious to indicate that there is something old to heal & it will continue to haunt you & show up in different scenarios as long as you continue to resist it. What you resist, persists! 

How do we resist? Well, instead of doing the work, we try to suppress, sedate, escape from, deny or distract ourselves for temporary relief.  This could be through addictions, keeping ourselves really busy, obessing or over-working to name a few. Often because we just don't know how to shift it, we try to be positive & grateful & kind but there is still something bubbling away underneath that keeps us from fulfillment & happiness.

You will continue to carry this (just like literal weight for some people) until you find the root cause of it & can effectively integrate this aspect of your shadow & bring yourself into alignment.

Resistance is one of the major blocks for the Law of Attraction to work & most of this is happening subconsciously.

Some examples of being out of alignment:

You want to lose weight but you hate parts of your you are automatically focusing on what you DON'T want, rather than what you DO want.

This is resistance! It's also very stressful & unhealthy because when you critise yourself, you release stress hormones into your system.

The universe can't bring you sustainble weight loss when you are focused on how much you dislike your body currently. It will bring you more of what you don't want! At this point it's really easy to be de-motivated & feel like everything you try doesn't work, you lose faith & you don't have the energy to stick to anything. Meanwhile, you still compain & criticse your body. You are not a vibrational match for what you want.

You want to increase your finances & you are setting goals but subconsiously you don't feel good about money due to ideas from your childhood & previous experiences. This is resistance!

You can't welcome financial abundance if you don't feel good about money. This desire is out of alignment.

You are looking for a partner & you really want someone to love you for who you are, but subconsciously you have unmet emotional needs that you don't fully understand & so you play mind games & assume you know what the other person is thinking. You end up with someone who does not meet your needs or love you unconditionally. It's also likely that you meet someone else who doesn't understand how to fulfil their own emotional needs.

We can't attract anything sustainable with a vibration of fear.

We can't have 'enough' of anything if we don't believe we are 'enough.' 

We can activate our highest vibrational alignment point by shifting the resistance! We can also begin to tap into the extraordinary power of the subconscious mind & change our lives.

Your external reality is a reflection of your inner world.

Contact me for support & empowerment in this area & change your life (well the bits you are not so keen on anyhow)!

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