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Intuitive Tarot Coaching


In this bitesize 121 session, let's embrace the guidance you need to navigate life in harmony with your heart & soul. 

Connect with your intuition through the ancient philosophical wisdom contained within the symbolism of tarot & oracle cards.


Boost your awareness, spiritual growth & emotional intelligence as you are empowered to raise your vibration.  


I will lovingly guide you to more deeply understanding yourself whilst gaining clarity & a sense of peace. 

The symbolic meanings in the cards brings a whole new dimension into play! 


Enjoy a 30 minute Intuitive Tarot Coaching Experience where we will focus on one specific area of your life to bring you greater clarity & empowerment. 

These sessions are available via Zoom and highly affordable at just £33! 

Strictly for 30 minutes. 

I use a range of Tarot & Oracle Cards as I feel guided. 

Book your session via Calendly below and I will look forward to seeing you! 

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"I recently saw Amanda for an intuitive card session via zoom.


What can I say except....amazing! Recently and not surprisingly my brain/heart/soul/thoughts have  gone a bit to mush. I felt all over the place and generally couldn't understand why I was feeling the way I was or what to do about it.


Through this session, everything fell in to place. I realised that what I had been experiencing was needed to get me to the place I wanted to be. It helped me make sense of it all and I really did feel as though I was being guided by the cards and Amanda's interpretation. 


Amanda just seems to get it and get you. I would thoroughly recommend this to everyone and fully intend on doing this again. I feel calmer and more in control, even when things are out of my control.

Thank you so much Amanda!" 


Sally, Holistic Business Owner

"I recently had my first ever intuitive card session with Amanda and I absolutely loved it.


Amanda is so easy to connect with and the cards really resonated with me.


Amanda is warm, easy to talk to and  explained all the messages clearly. I honestly wish the session could have gone on for longer.


I’m excited now to book in for something else with her. I totally recommend reaching out to her if you need some guidance or a steer on your own journey of self-discovery."


Karen, Project Manager in Finance. 

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