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The Patterns of Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome is very common in the world of work and can affect up to around 70% of us.

What is it?

The concern / worrying feeling that you are going to be rumbled!

The fear that someone will catch on to the idea (that you have btw) of not being qualified / experienced / confident or competent enough in your position or role.

Essentially that you are an impostor!

An impostor is someone who purposefully deceives people for fraudulent gain.

Impostor syndrome is rooted in fear. The fear of being exposed as a fraud.

The baseline of impostor syndrome can probably be boiled down to the feeling of ‘not being good enough’ which is essentially shame.

Shame is one of the most debilitating emotions when it is malfunctioning.

Misdirected shame can keep you from living to your fullest potential.

It throttles your life force energy and causes stress, anxiety and depression.

It also keeps addictions, bad habits and self-sabotage alive.

I specifically refer to this as a ‘feeling’ because it is a feeling and a belief rather than a truth.

It is internalised mis perception of your self. It is not reality.

As such, it is an inside job to overcome.

Because most people who struggle with this, know that no matter how much someone else tells them that they are ‘good enough’, it only has impact temporarily.

Why? Because YOU have to believe it!

The people I work with are genuine, sensitive and strong people who care and want to do a really great job.

So much so that the pressure and expectation they put on themselves can be too much.

They can really struggle to see themselves for who they are and what they are capable of, but they are not intentionally trying to deceive people.

When you don’t feel ‘good enough’ on some level, it means there is some part of your psyche that is holding onto a limiting belief regarding your worthiness.

It is a part of your fate that is calling for transformation so that you can move into your destiny.

It is your personal challenge and invitation from the universe!

We know that a challenge is also an opportunity in disguise.

It could be that this one is yours, and it could be that this is your opportunity to grow.

It is possible to change this feeling, I have done it and I help others.

I may still feel a nervous excitement about doing new things but the absolute game changer for me is that I know I am enough regardless.

I am good enough for me. I don’t wish I was any different anymore. I am grateful for who I have become (even though it wasn’t exactly who / what I expected me to be)!

That is my truth now, but it wasn’t for a very long time.

For a long time, I lived in a noisy internal world of judgement, fearful thoughts, anxiety and analysis paralysis. In short, pain!

My healers have been spiritual and emotional intelligence.

There is no way I could have gone through my transformation without them, because quite frankly intellect has its limitations!

I have learned SO much and now I am excited to be able to share it with others.

One element that has been critical to the journey has been in understanding the energetic patterns / archetypes that can contribute to Impostor Syndrome.

Here is what I have found repeatedly through working with clients and with my own experience.

It is also important to remember that all these traits also have a very positive side to them, so it’s not all doom and gloom! In fact some of them are essential to certain situations and positions.

It's only a problem, when it's a problem!

If any of this resonates for you and let me know, I would love to hear from you.

· Perfectionist

(needing everything / yourself to be perfect or to appear perfect, fear of getting things wrong, procrastination, over thinking).

· Control Freak

(trying to control everything, trying to control other people, difficulty trusting others, struggles to hand things over or to ask for help, problems letting go).

· People Pleaser

(lack of boundaries, avoids confrontation, difficulty saying no, does or says things to keep others happy whilst denying own needs, apologetic, can feel drained).

· Workaholic

(unable to switch off, constantly stuck in head / thinking mind, self-worth attached to achievement, never ending to do list & never enough time, often tired, life out of balance).

· Inner Critic

(critical of self and / or others, focuses on lack / what is missing, tough inner dialogue, feels inferior, compares self to others).

· Judge

(judgmental of self-and/or others. Stuck in black & white thinking i.e. defining things/ people as good or bad, right or wrong, uses ‘should’ a lot).

· Victim

(this is one of the main archetypes said to exist in each of us at some level from not feeling things are fair, feeling disempowered, martyrdom, helplessness, lack of choice, or persecuted. Possibly secretly wanting to be rescued).

· Self-Doubter

(lack of trust & faith in self, others & / or the universe, second guessing self, not feeling confident in choices/decisions, procrastination, avoidance, self-sabotage).

Don’t worry if you can relate to all of these! I did too!

The more you have, the greater your transformation can be and there is gold and magic on the other side! So, it’s all good!

In the next few months, I will be launching a powerful programme where I will share and guide you through the process of transforming beyond these blocks.

One of my strengths is in creating an empowering group space for people to connect and grow together.

Just imagine what life would be like on the other side of these challenges!

Like-minded souls can come together in a supportive and empowering space to learn and share and laugh (very important that bit!) together.

It will be infused with emotional and spiritual intelligence. You will come to know and connect with yourself on a new level!

There will be a full workbook, practical and energy techniques, new concepts, discussion, guided meditation and more.

It will be a course for the heart and soul as well as the mind.

All you will need is a bit of courage to get going.

After all, life really is too short to play small. If nothing changes, then nothing changes!

I also offer this transformational work 121.

If this appeals to you, please register interest by emailing me on

You are welcome to subscribe to my newsletter so you will be the first to hear about the programme

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