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Sensitive Strength

How to combine Strength & Sensitivity – look to the Lioness!

I notice patterns.

I can’t help it.

They speak to me.

I notice numbers and what they mean.

I was always rubbish at maths though!

What am I noticing currently?

A common thread running through many of my wonderful clients.

A dichotomy of sorts.

One that I think is part of a shifting society.

One that runs through many of us.

A lesson I have been learning on my crazy journey of transformation.

You may or may not know whether you are an ‘intuitive.’

If you are a client of mine, you 100% are!

It’s the only type I attract.

People who have a high degree of intuition.

Often, they don’t know exactly how to use it yet.

It gets jangled with the thinking mind and the noisy environment we live in these days.

Over 20 years ago, I cut my teeth in B2B sales.

I had NO idea back then, that I was intuitive.

I had a warped idea of what was ‘strong’ and eventually it didn’t work for me.

I also had a strange relationship with what it meant to be a woman.

Deep down, I had a limiting belief about being female, that it was a weakness.

I didn’t see why I couldn’t perform (or outperform in many cases) my male couterparts.

I am not speaking to anyone else’s gender.

I am simply telling my personal story from my perspective, which is the only one I have!

I am a woman, although sadly on a subconscious level, I didn’t like being one.

I am not saying this is right, I am just being honest about who I was back then.

There were many reasons for this.

Reasons I won’t go into right now.

But I have changed.

I am honoured to be a woman. I know what it means now.

I identify as being a woman and my body certainly does!

I have cycles, had two babies and am now peri menopausal.

Entering the final stage of womanhood.

It’s the wisest phase apparently! A rite of passage.

I now understand why I worked in both male and female dominated industries.

I experienced the spectrum of both, within myself and others.

I met incredible people along the way.

Through my journey I have studied and learned about Feminine and Masculine Energy.

Regardless of gender, we have both of these energies within us.

You can consider them Yin and Yang if that feels better.

There are also wounded versions of both of these, referred to as Toxic.

There are pure versions of these, named as Divine, think Shakti and Shiva.

So….back to the dichotomy.

Can we be both strong and sensitive at the same time?


The purest form of Feminine or Yin energy is fiercely loving.

We were meant to combine these forces.

Like Water & Fire.

They seem like opposites, but they work together, in careful balance.

Too much fire and you will burn yourself out.

With just enough, you fuel your creativity and purpose.

Too much water and you will be boundaryless and lost at sea.

Just enough and you will be a force of compassion, see deeply and go with the flow.

We can be Fiercely Loving!

‘Intuitives’ have extra sensory abilities.

They have an energy system that needs extra attention.

So that they can hone their intuitive skills and manage their boundaries at the same time.

When you don’t know about this, you can feel anxious and overwhelmed.

You may succumb to addictions to numb the depth of your sensitivity.

You may feel a false sense of responsibility to keep everyone in your world happy.

You may be so busy nurturing everyone else, that you forget about yourself.

When we learn about the divine version of the Yin & Yang energy within us, not the version that has been portrayed through media and marketing and much of history.

We can let go of all the non-serving BS and become authentic.

She (easier for me to refer to she, but substitute as required) has a depth of unconditional love and compassion to give.

She feels deeply, is all knowing, her intuition is tuned into feelings and emotions.

She is aligned with her cycles and honours her body.

She does not hustle or push, she moves to her own rhythm.

She is a creative force, at one with universal energy.

She also has grace, discernment and diplomacy.

And sometimes, she is a mess, and that’s OK too, it’s just time to retreat and recharge!

She also has boundaries of fire!

Not built from defensiveness, pain or protection, but from pure self-love.

She knows she is love, she gives and receives and sometimes it’s the tough variety, but always from the heart.

Whether you are a mother in this life or not, you may carry the ‘mother’ archetype.

You were born with it. You know it. You are it. It is not synonymous with having children.

One example of Feminine Strength I can share is the Lioness.

There is no question or doubt about her capability.

Equally, she does not need to pretend to be something she is not.

She is the huntress, designed for hunting but not for fighting.

Natural collaborators, they work as a team.

She is also the fiercest of mothers; protector and nurturer of her pack.

Can you have strength and sensitivity…?

Absolutely, you were always meant to.

Big Love, Amanda G

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