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Relationships: A Gateway For Your Personal Transformation

Our relationships with others, whether that is partners, colleagues, team members, board members, managers, parents, children, extended family, friends, random interactions and more, are a valuable part of our journey of transformation.

When we experience an internal or emotional reaction (trigger) from interacting with someone, we are receiving a message that there is something to integrate within ourselves.

I know, this can be highly irritating at times, like the inner work never ends (because maybe it doesn’t!) but it’s all for the greater good.

When this reaction occurs, we are being provided with an opportunity to heal something internally and to become more whole or integrated.

The word integrity comes from the Latin adjective; integer. The meaning of this word is an inner sense of wholeness or feeling complete….boom! Doesn’t that sound good?

It is very important for our overall wellbeing not to ignore these triggers, but to work with them by exploring the emotional energy that generates them.

It is a call to develop a deep level of inner wisdom and to be able to change our relationships so we can flourish. It is absolutely possible and we have way more power in this area than we realise at times.

Our relationships act as mirrors, reflecting back to us the lessons that we are here to work through and learn…and it’s often not that obvious! It is for our highest good and provides a platform to grow.

Some of our connections are truly beautiful and others are far more challenging. I have found they can all be of value, when we understand what to do with them and how to learn from them.

I help a lot of people to understand themselves and others.

One of the keys to this, is in being able to read what is happening (on a deeper level) in terms of emotional energy that occurs between people.

I help you to understand the energetic conversations that are happening with you and the ‘other’ way beyond the spoken word.

The purpose is for your integration and transformation and a feeling of wholeness.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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