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Raise Your Vibration Tips!

Grateful to all the wonderful people at the first ‘Raise Your Vibration’ session this morning.

I am not recording these, but I am happy to share some tips from each session:

What is your Vibration?!

It’s our individual energy field.

Our personal energy field is made up of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

It’s the thing people pick up on when they meet us.

It is what we radiate out, a bit like a magnetic forcefield!

It is also what the universe responds to.

Top Tips from Today’s Session:

Let Energy Lead the Way:

We so often live in a world of ‘to do lists (oh and I do love a list btw!), tasks, meetings and scheduled stuff. A lot of that is necessary of course.

BUT! In the interest of questioning the status quo…..what if we allowed our energy to lead us?!

Our energy isn’t constant, not really, it’s sometimes up and sometimes not.

Sometimes we feel really fired up and at other times, we would be better suited to resting!

There it is….the law of balance. What goes up…..!

I can only speak for myself, but I used to ignore my energy levels and plough on regardless (powered by caffeine)!

Sometimes, it’s a must, but I did it constantly. I lived in survival mode. I was so ‘busy’ – that is not what I want written on my gravestone!

Now I have found, that when my body or mind needs a rest, even if I have a lot to do, I listen to it. It was challenging to trust at first.

So far, nothing has gone drastically wrong! I have still somehow, against the odds, managed to meet all deadlines, much more effortlessly!

It also means you can cut out some of the unnecessary stuff you could be doing, either just out of habit or a false sense of duty.

Taking care of yourself and valuing your energy puts you first, it boosts self-worth.

It also feels really good and that’s OK.

I would never sleep in the day, but now I am a skilled power napper and meditator.

It’s easier for me, because I am self-employed, but of course I still have work commitments, meetings, client appointments and a family.

Give it a go…..notice how you feel…notice when comes up when you try….is there a nagging voice that tells you that it’s not possible?

Or is there a thought that you will get told off by someone?!

Maybe a feeling pops up that you are lazy or taking the pee?

Perhaps that scarcity mindset crops up and tells you that you don’t have enough time. Bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy that one! Say it enough and it becomes your reality.

Notice what you notice! It’s all great awareness.

Heart Energy:

Ever tried a heart meditation?

We did a little one in the session. It feels good.

You can literally change yourself from the inside out with meditation.

To change anything of significance, we usually need to change a belief first.

That can be hard to do, it’s harder trying to do it from a purely cognitive standpoint. But when you get into meditation, you are working at the level of energy!

Love and Fear are equally powerful, love comes from the heart.

When we spend more time there, instead of being in the head, life is better.

Feeling Good Matters:

Prioritise the way you feel. It’s important. YOU are important.

Have you noticed that when you feel on top of the world, you feel like you can achieve anything?!

All limitations seem to melt away!

Our energy feels so positive, we get excited about potential and we make stuff happen.

Take time to get into a good place.

Give yourself what you need.

It could be a short walk in nature, a meditation, affirmations, shuffling an oracle card, having a snack, reading a book, phoning a friend, watching Netflix…whatever!

Most of it is accessible, easy and inexpensive.

It costs time….and if you don’t believe you have enough of that, it will become your reality.

If you find yourself thinking you ‘should’ do something, it’s often a sign to say that is not what you WANT to do or DESIRE to do.

You get to design your own life.

Don’t let outside influences sway you into doing things you don’t really want to do.

The Power Is Within:

If we knew how much we were actually capable of, I think it would blow us away!

Everyone has more to find deep inside, more to discover about themselves.

Intuition is a superpower, but we are not generally taught how to work with it.

It will guide every aspect of your life, like an internal compass, if you let it.

There is a free internal resource waiting for you to connect with.

We create our realities. Imagine your world is a hologram. A reflection of your belief system.

This is exciting because whatever you want to change… have the power to do so!

The Body Speaks:

Our body is always communicating with us.

Are you listening?

We have a naturally intuitive ability to tune into what it is trying to say to us.

I picked up my husband’s Appendicitis through Reiki, back when I trained as part of my explorational journey around energy!

I couldn’t believe it (I didn’t believe half the stuff I do now, back then)! But it happened!

Every part of the body with an ailment or twinge, ever illness has an underlying emotional / psychological root influence.

So the body is often talking to us but we have lost the art of listening to the root cause.

We frequently treat it at the level of the symptoms (which is also necessary of course, I am personally a massive fan of pain relief)!

I love science, psychology, and spirituality. I like to have as much of the the full picture as possible, not half the story.

Feel the Feels:

Emotions are also telling us stuff, all the time!

If we can practise getting out of the head and into the body, we can intuit more.

How do we do that?

Start focusing more on the way you feel, rather than just what you are thinking.

It’s all connected of course. But check into how you are feeling more often.

Feelings come up because there is a part of you that wants to be heard.

I used to be all logical, I never paid attention to my emotions, preferred to ignore them, I didn’t really understand them.

Feelings are also connected to your intuition.

If you want to understand people and their motivations, pay attention to their behaviour, not just what they say.

Tune into how you feel in their energy. Feel their vibration :D Joking, actually not joking!

I do hope that provides you with a few pointers.

If you would like to join next week’s Raise Your Vibration zoom, the topic will be ‘Abundance Energy’ – now that feels good!

Ping me a message or an email to join and I will send you the link.

Tuesday 4th July (Full Moon Day!) 10am – 11am.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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