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I Accept All Of Myself.

I work in the world of business.....and...I am also a mystic!

It felt like a strange combination for some time, but everything has purpose!

A spiritual awakening changed my life.

I saw the truth of why I am here & where I have been before.

This experience hung my old patterns, conditioning & limiting beliefs out to dry!

I found parts of myself I had stuffed away in my subconscious.

My understanding of how life works, is forever changed.

My heart has been cracked open.

I have developed a psychic level of intuition that I never knew was inside me!

The hardest time of my life has set me free.

That's what the truth will do for you.

We are more than a body.

We are more than a brain.

We are energy, we never really die and our true state is unconditional love & abundance.

We don't need to stuggle, push, force or hustle or keep ourselves 'busy' to get anywhere in life.

We don't need to listen to our head at the cost of our body.

We are never being punished.

We don't need to compete with others, because there is more than enough & everyone has a unique life path.

These thoughts & beliefs exist at a lower level of consciousness.

We are here to move through doubt & to know without question that we are good enough in every moment and we are loved.

We are here to lead from the heart.

Who would you be, if you really loved yourself unconditionally?

Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

Big Love, Amanda G

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