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Heart & Soul Wisdom Group

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Heart & Soul Wisdom Group

A monthly zoom group for those who wish to incorporate more spiritual intelligence and emotional intelligence into your lives, leadership or business.

A non-judgemental, supportive, uplifting, and empowering space to connect, learn, laugh and share.

A space where people can be real without consequences and with a lot of love.

The teachings explored will serve to connect us more deeply with our intuition and superpowers and to know ourselves better.

Each month via our group zoom, we will explore a topic based in spiritual and emotional intelligence.

I will provide thought provoking content for discussion and depending on the topic, I may have worksheets or guided meditations. All you need is a notebook, pen and an open mind!

The topics will be selected to help us navigate life from a soul perspective and will provide a focus for the month ahead.

My three super tools are meditation, tarot / oracle cards and journaling / automatic writing so naturally I may weave these in throughout the months.

First Thursday evening of every month, starting Thursday 1st September 2022. 7- 8.30pm

Fee: £30 monthly, standing order payment to be set up for the 1st of the month, commencing Sept 2022. Bank details to be supplied.

If you are happy to share your contact number, I will set up a Whatsapp group for the members to share in between the group zooms. I will also stay connected via email.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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