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Healthy Warrior, Solar Plexus Chakra & Your Personal Power!

The Chakra Energy Centres are an utterly brilliant map for wellbeing of the mind, body and spirit.

In short, these 7 main energy centres are connected to physical (including organs, glands etc) and psychological (emotions, thinking patterns, habits) elements of our selves.

Today I will talk about the Solar Plexus Chakra, not mentioning Sanskrit names etc, just getting straight to it!

In terms of location, think of it as sitting above your navel. It is your centre of Personal Power. Also your gut instinct. There is a lot of information available on this chakra but let me keep it short, sweet and helpful. I think of personal power as being a combination of self-worth and willpower.

It’s also about where and how you source your self-worth, does that come from within, self-validation or is it desperately seeking susan (showing my age there!) or someone else’s opinion? Is it through work? Is it in balance?

The element is fire, think sunny yellow, think shining, radiating...... do you allow yourself to shine for who you are?

There are often archetypes described that sit in each chakra centre and the two that I like to use are the Servant or the Healthy Warrior.

When this chakra is underactive, the Servant is in play. The Servant is a people pleaser, trying to keep everyone happy (often at the mercy of their own happiness), someone who seeks external validation or approval, procrastinates, is judgemental and perhaps who wants harmony at the expense of not being their authentic self. They might not even know what that looks like anymore, we can lose touch with this chakra centre. Due to it's position, it can be associated with digestive issues.

When this chakra is overactive, the ego is in charge with tactics of bullying.

When this chakra is balanced, the Healthy Warrior is in play. The Healthy Warrior has an inner strength, a knowing and sources their self-worth internally.

Due to their vibration of personal power being strong, they have willpower when they put their mind (and body) to it. Self-control can be linked to self-worth.

I like to bring a bit of animal magic to the table! So, let me share with you why there is a lion on my Healthy Warrior Coaching programme logo!

For me, the lion is the perfect example of a Healthy Warrior (apart from the fact that I am a huge advocate for eating plenty of veg!) and I use this imagery for breathwork with clients. The lion is golden, much like the colour of this chakra centre and displays immense personal power. Whilst it can’t speak English, I can imagine how much self-worth and willpower it has and I certainly wouldn’t question that to it’s face! However, that’s not to say that we should fear the Healthy Warrior, that is perhaps an exception to this symbolism/concept.

What I do like about the lion as the healthy warrior is that it doesn’t get worked up over little things (i.e sweat the small stuff)! No no, the lion basks in the sun, preserving its energy for when it really matters. When the lion’s energy is needed, it will be there in all its glory! What is key, is that it doesn’t fight for the sake of it, it won’t enter battles foolishly, there is purpose and consideration, gut instinct.

The lion also isn’t afraid to shine, it is a symbol of courage and authentic expression and a natural leader. I call this lionheart energy - when you can shine and express yourself authentically and focus on heart centred living. It might not be there all the time, but it can be cultivated, each time we choose courage over confidence.

So my programme is for those who want to be on the journey of healthy warriorship (I have been on it for some time!) is about this very concept; developing a strong vibration of personal power. This includes releasing what no longer serves you, whether that is anything from naff beliefs, painful memories or emotional eating or simply because you know there is more inside and want to find out what it is and how to express it (more on heart and throat chakra soon)!

Being courageous and authentic, thanks for reading.

Be a Healthy Warrior, Amanda #roar #purr #chakras

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