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From Doubt to Do!

I LOVE DOUBT…..As if right? :D Sometimes it comes in like a whisper. Cue my eye roll.

When I am on the brink of a breakthrough, it can sideswipe me like a sledgehammer!

BUT, it will not stop me.

Because I know it’s not the truth of who I am.

We are all WAY more than the niggling thoughts we might have.

So what if we could love doubt, for a minute?!

Perspective is everything right?!

Because doubt creeps in when we are challenging ourselves.

Let’s play the ‘What If’ game (but not the catastrophizing version)! :D

OK, here we go:

What If…

…we choose to feel proud that we are stretching beyond the comfort zone?

…we choose faith and to believe in something we can’t see yet?

…we choose to recognise we are strength building and levelling up?

…we choose to feel enthusiastic and excited?

…we choose to appreciate how much we are growing in resilience and skill?

…we choose to keep our eyes on the prize and visualise the outcome we are aiming for as if it has already happened…because it has really, in our mind, otherwise it wouldn’t be there!

…we choose to know that we are enough, whatever happens, because that is the truth.

Because it is a choice.

Take the ‘ubt’ out of ‘DOubt’ and what do you get…..DO!

That is better isn’t it!

Happy Friday to everyone who is working on a dream, doing something new, has a vision, wants to make a positive impact, getting in the stretch zone.

Amanda G

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