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Clarity Through Uncertainty

On the precipice of change?

Here's the current ‘energy read’ for this shift.

You are exactly where you are meant to be!

We love to put something in a box with a label on it.

Especially if our brain naturally leans towards marketing, strategy & planning.

It can feel frustrating to be ‘in limbo’

when we want to ‘run' with something.

However, if the answer isn’t there yet

then t’s not meant to be!

If what you come up with isn’t quite doing it for you, pause.

Practise being at peace with the unknown.

We tend to dislike uncertainty but it increases resilience.

TRUST the solutions will come,

in perfect timing,

& you will just KNOW it’s right.

In fact, things could unfold in a grander, bigger, bolder & more beautiful way that you can possibly imagine right now.

Forcing something can often LIMIT the potential of it.

Trust & patience can be challenging for us to do in a world that is focused on instant results, productivity & ‘doing’

but there is a law of balance in order, always.

The current energy is asking the following,

the answers to these questions could unfold over the next couple of weeks, it doesn’t need to happen today!

* What Do You Really Want?

(not what you think you should want).

* Is Your Heart In It?

Are you coming from ‘shoulds’ or conditioning or what other people do or are you trusting what your inner guidance is telling you?

* What is it about your business that makes your heart want to leap out of your chest?

* When you think about what you want to do, are you being driven by fear?

We are very good at limiting ourselves! Decisions driven by doubt or lack are illusions.

* What difference do you really want to make to others?

* How can you improve the relationship & connections?

* If you are going to step up as a leader (which is an attribute not a job title) in your field, who do you want to lead & where?

* How much fun can you have with it?

Can you take a playful approach? It doesn’t have to be a slog or a struggle. The journey can be enjoyable & if you love it, others have a better chance of that too.

I would never tell anyone what to do, but the energy for the next few weeks is ripe for:

· Calmness leads to clarity.

· Allowing intuition to float in (not overthinking).

· Trusting yourself & leading from the heart.

· Taking care of the details (doing your best with what you have now).

· Enjoying the process & having fun.

· Doing the inner work so you can step up into your true potential.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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