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A Job Title Does Not A Leader Make.

We have all had experiences of leadership.

It has been something I have been fascinated with, observed & studied for years.

We know that being a manager, does not automatically make someone a leader.

Back in the day,

if you had a title bestowed upon you,

it was taken for granted that you were in charge,

no matter how or why this title was acquired.

In many cases, this was also irrelevant to how you behaved or in fact, led.

The authoritarian management style was common.

Certainly, growing up in my generation, it was also a popular understanding that if someone was older than you, they knew better.

Hence the ‘respect your elders’ phrase that you may also be familiar with.

A phrase that was often taken out of context and used to shut down expression.

I think we should respect everybody (including ourselves), regardless of age or status.

To respect someone is also not the same as agreeing with them.

Whilst a management position typically comes with a job title,

leadership often does not.

Management positions & job titles can and are acquired in a myriad of ways.

Management positions & job titles may well be indicators of financial status.

Leadership, however, is not directly correlated to this one thing, it is not one dimensional.

Leadership is not something that is given to you, because it does not exist outside of you!


An art, a skill.

Therefore, it is available to and within everybody.

It is not limited by age or status.

The degree to which it is expressed, varies from person to person & indeed, situation to situation.

Leadership is also AN ONGOING PRACTICE.

One to be cultivated, developed, and refined.

There are no limits!

Nor is there a destination.

It is a lifelong learning experience.

It is an inner game!

Everything you are and yet to become, exists within you.

If you are in a position of influence,

you have a responsibility to take responsibility for yourself and your development.

If you are in a position of influence,

you have a duty to develop leadership qualities.

And in fact, as every single one of us is in a position of influence to some degree (unless you are a hermit!) because we are interacting with other people; working together.

In a world where we can share information via the internet at the drop of a hat, there are so many people influencing on some level.

Therefore, we are all responsible for working on ourselves.

Leadership is not just about leading other people.

We must also lead ourselves and our life.

This is Personal Leadership.

As within, so without.

When we do this, we can more positively contribute to the environments, relationships, and interactions we find ourselves in.

With this view of leadership, it opens greater possibility.

Imagine the potential in organisations, teams and groups where leadership is viewed as a SHARED RESPONSIBILITY.

Imagine the impact of an environment where everyone is encouraged & engaged in working on themselves & their personal development, regardless of job title.

Imagine what it would look like if the success, harmony & welfare of an organisation and the people in it become a shared responsibility and genuine interest.

Certainly nothing changes without some imagination.

If you can imagine it, you can contribute positively towards making it happen.

If you can’t imagine it at all, then perhaps you have some inner work to do.

I hope you have found this thought provoking in some way.

I would love to hear what your thoughts and feelings are on personal leadership.

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