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group workshops: zoom or room!

Personal leadership
& expansion

Also Available: Bespoke Design & Delivery of Leadership Training Programmes for Managers who want to become more and teams who want to do better. 

The power of the Heart

A Workshop To Engage Hearts & Open Minds! 

Raise your Vibration through self-exploration and discovery through these insightful teachings. 

We have Unlimited Potential when we start more effectively embracing Heart Power. 


This 'work' will improve every aspect of your life and business! 

* Understand the Infinite Power of the Heart & Your Emotions

* Gain a Deeper Connection to your Desires 

* Find More Balance, Peace & Joy

* Feel Good, Live & Work in a better way 

* Increase in Confidence & Communication 

out with the Doubt! 
overcome impostor syndrome

Having Impostor Syndrome wastes precious time,

energy and possibility.


Amanda brings an insightful approach to working

with this pesky and sometimes debilitating pattern. 

Learn how to overcome this limitation so you can move forward with confidence and clarity. 

Experience change, freedom and enhanced leadership, fulfilment and happiness as a result of this work. 

Boundaries for
Business Success

The health of your business depends upon your

personal and professional boundaries as a leader.

What are you saying 'Yes' & 'No' to, and do you

know why?

Understand where your 'boundary leaks' are and how to grow as a leader for yourself and your organisation. 

Take some time out to reflect and the reset button in this workshop so you can re-focus on what matters most for success. 


“Amanda is a fantastic coach who delivers with so much passion and enthusiasm she is infectious. She really did get the team engaged and active we are looking forward to continuing to work with Amanda to further develop our leaders and equip them for today and leadership tomorrow. 


Her content was tailored to our business and people style. I would recommend Amanda in heartbeat to add value to your people, business and culture.


Thank you Amanda you are truly awesome!!” Danny Simpson, CEO MID Communications. 


Amanda delivered a virtual session focused on energy and gratitude, entitled “Raising your Vibration” as part of a company-wide wellbeing festival for us.


The session was insightful, uplifting and so well received by team members, so much so we have asked Amanda to return for a future event!” Lauren Mawson, People Specialist, Progeny

"I have worked with Amanda for many years and when we facilitated a number of Peer to Peer programmes she was the first coach I contacted. I knew she would be professional, deliver to the exact details and that the business owners participating would feel comfortable and confident in her ability.


I have also had no hesitation in recommending Amanda to business contacts for bespoke in-house training." Coral Horn, EVA Awards, Pink Link Ladies Networking. 


"Amanda's workshops are a brilliant combination of warm energy, intriguing information and thought-provoking questions." Coach 


"Amanda is so interesting and makes things easy to understand - interacting with the whole group. Would highly recommend!" Accountant 

"Amanda's workshops are some of the most effective I have experienced with her ability to put you at ease and open up." Creative Director 

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss options for your teams, Amanda 

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