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Who I Serve...

My Clients:

Empathic, big-hearted people who want to make a difference and have impact and move beyond their blocks.

They are intuitive and sensitive.

They are insightful and great listeners, in fact people gravitate towards them for counsel, advice and a compassionate ear.

They are interested in personal development, learning and growing and often they know there is something more for them to discover!

Challenges You Can Encounter:

o Overthinking, analysis paralysis and rumination

o Impostor Syndrome / not feeling good enough

o Taking things personally

o Perfectionism and control

o Inability to see their gifts and abilities and to appreciate themselves

o A lack of trust and faith in themselves and their intuition

o Letting go and living in the present

o Being able to receive (find it easier to give)

o Co-dependency, people pleasing, lack of boundaries

o Doubt, self-sabotage and limiting, conflicting beliefs

o Emotional triggering e.g. anxiety, guilt, shame etc

Where I Come In:

These challenges are the areas I specialise in. I help people to see life, situations, themselves and relationships from an empowering new perspective.

With 121 or group coaching I use a blend of psychology, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and practical techniques.

Ultimately to enable you to balance your strength and sensitivity for fulfilment, vitality and wholeness in all areas of life.

What Next?

If this resonates for you, I would love to hear from you.

Get in touch for a free introductory call, 07789911174

My Path To Finding My Niche / My Audience - check out the button below.

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