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Tuesday Tarot: Impostor Syndrome

The 7 of Swords is the card that so often find speaks to me of Impostor Syndrome!

The 3 of Wands is an indication that it’s time to move beyond perceived limitations & live authentically.

The baseline of impostor syndrome is the FEELING of not being good enough.

The key word being FEELING!

It is a belief not a truth.

It is rocket fuel for fear, anxiety & depression.

It is based in shame & is incredibly common.

When it keeps cropping up & pestering you, it is ready to be healed.

This is exciting! It absolutely can be transformed & is your personal challenge & invitation from the universe.

Essentially, just like all thoughts & emotions, it is a form of energy that requires a remodel.

Here are the patterns I find most closely connected to Impostor Syndrome:

• Perfectionism

• Judgement – judgmental of self &/or others

• Victim – one of the main archetypes said to exist in each of us.

• Self-Doubt – (form of the saboteur, self-sabotage).

• People pleasing.

• Death by comparison - inferiority / superiority complex.

None of these are states of peace!

These patterns trample boundaries & induce stress hormones.

They block prosperity, fulfilment & healthy relationships.

When we actively work with these patterns, we change what happens around us. Good Vibes, Amanda G

With thanks to the Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot Deck for the card images.

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