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Tuesday Tarot: Discovery

When things are ‘up in the air’ it can be challenging to make decisions.

Our personal agenda isn’t always aligned with the plan the universe has!

Points of suspension can feel uncomfortable but they can also be an invitation to pause & change perspective.

When we are calm, clarity arrives again, like the bus or the rainbow we have been waiting for in the pouring rain.

Many of us are not used to creating space.

The modern world is busy but being ‘busy’ all of the time is one of the least productive ways to operate.

If your modus operandi is to cram your schedule. If you are always busy in the mind, then leaning into the opposite way of being is your challenge.

In the elements of earth, space & water, you can access your treasure.

Treasure is the other side of you. The side that when brought into balance would be a giant leap towards wholeness & integration.

Finding our treasure enhances our life force!


* grounding /connection with the body

* getting out in nature & spending time with animals

* practicing patience

* doing anything nurturing


* in our environment (decluttering)

* creating space in our calendar

* reducing the noise in our head

* switching off from the mainstream


* embrace ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’

* go with the flow

* trust, faith

* get creative

* access intuition

* reflective practice

On the flip side, maybe you wait for things to happen without making any effort or distracting yourself with avoidance techniques.

Perhaps you dream about the things you could have done or you manifest from a point of fear; wishing without changing.

Your challenge is to lean into the opposite way of being. In the elements of Air & Fire, you can find your treasure.


* find topics that stimulate you

* learn something new

* challenge your beliefs

* discuss ideas & communicate more


* choose courage over confidence

* take action

* self-improvement

* get active

* follow your passion

* speak from the heart

We all have buried treasure that lies beyond our self-perception & belief system.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

Images from The Akashic Tarot Deck by Sharon Anne Kingler & Sandra Anne Taylor.

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