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There is nothing that trumps Purpose when it comes to motivation.

It is a deep driving force, built for the long-haul.

It is that inner knowing that you came here to do something to make a difference.

A deep sense of purpose will outlast any material goal.

It will outrun any surface level achievements.

It will power you on in the most challenging of times.

It will give you strength and courage to move forward, like nothing else.

It will also shine through you like a beacon of authenticity.

It will attract the right people & opportunities.

It will bring you the results, ones that fill you up from the inside out.

There are different types of purpose, we will talk about this at ‘The Awakening’ event.

The one most people probably think of is their career or work.

Many people have a deep sense of purpose and they create their businesses from it.

Myself included. It becomes impossible to ignore!

Despite the challenges, you seem to be driven by a deep sense of calling.

You can bring purpose into your work, in fact, it very much helps to do that.

Because whenever we do something with purpose, it feels and works out better.

Every organisation can help their people find meaning & purpose in their work.

When we are of the mindset of a ‘servant leader’ then we see our work as an opportunity to serve & to contribute positively to our team, our clients, our community, society, humanity.

The other kind of purpose is Personal Purpose / Life Purpose:

We can choose to do everything with purpose. It helps! It helps when we see that we have a purpose in many areas of our lives.

I am a mother, so to raise my daughters to the best of my ability (which is far enhanced since I connected with spiritual and emotional intelligence) is one of my purposes.

We each have specific things we came to learn in this lifetime.

These are the repeating patterns we start to notice in our life.

They can sometimes be the things we find challenging with, but carry the greatest rewards.

This is karma, it is not a punishment.

Rather, it is your destiny.

Then we have Collective Purpose:

Something we can all work on.

Essentially, this is expanding our consciousness.

It is the movement from Fear to Love.

To recognise that we are more than a brain and a body.

We are greater than our thoughts and feelings.

Ultimately, we are pure source intelligence.

We came here to learn & love (and I think to laugh)!

To open our hearts & love unconditionally.

To create.

To learn about compassion & kindness.

To let go of lack and limitation.

To embody abundance & joy.

To be free from judgement, criticism, worry, impatience, self-sabotage, perfectionism, controlling patterns.

To practise forgiveness & letting go.

To uplift yourself & others.

To be free.

To remember who we really are.

To see the bigger picture - that we are part of something much larger than ourselves.

After all, we live on a spinning planet in the middle of space…..that should tell us something! :D

If you are here, then there is no mistake!

We are each perfectly designed for our life’s purpose.

May you find purpose in the smallest or largest of ways today….& delight in it!

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