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How Do We Really Feel Better?

There are many ways to feel better…temporarily.

Anything from:

· talking to a good friend

· laughing,

· enjoying good food

watching a favourite film

· being in the sunshine

· going for a walk, a jog or a swim

· achieving something

· being with animals

These are just some examples.

Other examples are addictions or compulsions.

They may not be the healthiest choice, but the truth is, they do make people feel better TEMPORARILY, otherwise they wouldn’t happen.

They are a tool or coping strategy (albeit an unhealthy one) for stimulation (the high), avoidance, distraction, sedation, relief, comfort & sometimes punishment.

Here are a few examples of some of the more obvious:

· Drugs (stimulants, opioids, tranquilisers, pain meds, antidepressants, nicotine etc).

· Alcohol

· Gambling

· Sex / Pornography

· Food / Eating related

· Shopping

To the potentially less obvious;

· Working out / fitness

Thinking (overthinking, ruminating, mind ticking over constantly)

· Worrying

· Being a Workaholic

· A person (over identification or obsession)

· Books (joking about this one.. or am I?! I qualify)!

So, what helps us feel better LONG TERM?

Some examples:

· Connection & Community

· Mutually respectful & loving relationships

· Purpose & a sense of meaning in our lives

· Feeling secure & safe (physiological & financial needs being met)

· Self-Worth

· Good Health

· An open-mind, clarity & a positive feeling about the present & the future.

During the course of our lives, the above aren’t necessarily always in place, it’s a juggle.

There are many things we can do with our conscious mind to feel better in life.

But what about the subconscious mind?

That’s where everything lives that underpins our thinking, behaviour and actions.

To FEEL BETTER long-term, what is the answer?

In my opinion, through my personal experience, research and years of coaching, we need to really understand and work with our Fear.

This is the path to Love. Self-acceptance and Self-love.

What do I mean by fear?!

Fear comes in many forms.

Here are a few examples of the kind of fear that lurks beneath the surface & holds us back from feeling good long-term:

· Anxiety

· Self-sabotage

· Control (lack of trust)

· Shame (not feeling good enough)

· Guilt

· Self-Doubt

· Blame / resentment / unforgiveness

· Lack mindset

· Judgement & criticism (self or others)

· Worrying, overthinking,

· Impatience

· Loneliness

· Perfectionism

· People pleasing

· Envy

· Struggle

This is one of my specialities within my 121 work.

It is transformational and life-changing.

I help brave and soul-searching people work through these deeper fears so they can feel confident, balanced, grounded and most of all free from these tethers.

Doing this inner work, changes things on the outside.

Be that in your relationships (personal & professional), your business or your health.

Everything is connected.

It is a privilege to do this work and all completely confidential.

Contact me for an informal & confidential chat if you would like to know more.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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