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I had a dichotomy! 

Laughing as I type this because I always thought that word sounds like a medical procedure! 🤣

I know it is important to accept & own our talents & skills, 

(even better when we share them to help others).

But it’s also important to me to keep the ego in check. 

So I wondered, 

how do I graciously accept praise without it going to my head?!

Then I realised, it’s not about the head! 

It’s all about the HEART & having it OPEN!

So, my heart bursts with gratitude for the words below from my client, 

and at the same time, I know it is my client who has done the work. 

I am privileged to be the catalyst to help them re-connect with the depth of wisdom they already have inside. 

Essentially, I’m the equivalent of a sink plunger! :D 

I think it’s important to remember that we all have talents & equally, we are also flawed & fallible. 


It’s a word I heard some time ago & loved ever since. 

We are both Flawed & Awesome. 

We are perfectly imperfect, just as we are. 

May you celebrate your skills & own your flaws, 

but most importantly, love yourself for all of it! 

Good Vibes, Amanda :) 

"Amanda is incredible. Her intuitive knowledge and ability to "tap in" to exactly what you need (even if you yourself don't know it) is amazing. 

Her warmth and passion shine through as she guides you expertly through what I'm sure delivered by anyone else would be some difficult truths. 

But coming from Amanda they just seem to make complete sense. 

Whatever you're facing, whatever questions you have about your personal or professional journey, I can't recommend Amanda enough as a safe, wise and powerful woman to work through it all with. 

Thank you, Amanda, for your powerful insights and wisdom. 

The World needs more of you!" 

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