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But There's No Good Reason For Me To Feel This Way...

This is simply NOT TRUE!

It is Self-Sabotage.


Because you are denying your feelings, which is the same as rejecting yourself.

You are using the logical part of your brain to compete with a far more powerful force.

A deeper part of your psyche that is trying to communicate with you.

The more these feelings are denied (suppression),

the harder these two parts of yourself go into battle against each other.

Inner War!

This is one of the reasons it can feel SO uncomfortable (resistance).

This can often express itself as a long-term anxiety, depression, illnesses / diseases etc.

There IS a good reason, because you ARE having these feelings (fact).

Not liking them / not wanting them is very different (whilst completely understandable).

Acceptance is required. Be honest with yourself.

Our understanding of the ‘reason’ we have whatever feelings are attempting to surge, is also dependent on the parameters of our belief system.

There is ALWAYS a reason.

But I have found that it is rarely the reason we think it is!

We love to go for the obvious, of course we do!

We love to equate and justify how we feel by identifying the most obvious reason.

However, I have found, through my personal journey & the work I do with clients,

that there are much deeper reasons at play,

and they are always designed to help us for our optimal growth & development.

What I know for sure, is that not everything is as black & white as it seems.

I also know that our emotional system is a profound source of wisdom & guidance.

When you begin to understand these reasons at a deeper level,

you can work with it at the root cause, not the symptomatic level.

Which means you can make transformational change that will serve you, your health and your ability to thrive and live your life in a better way for the long-term.

I hope this helps.

Maybe you needed a new perspective on this sort of thinking.

A new perspective is the beginning of beautiful change!

Ready to give more to yourself…?

Contact me for a free and confidential discovery call.

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