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3 Levels Of Belief

I don't generally believe in coincidences. 

Unless you are having quiche for lunch, 

that is the sort of coincidence that can occur which does not hold much significance! 

I hope it's tasty though! :D 

For the most part, I have come to understand that pretty much everything that happens has a deeper purpose & significance to it. 

There is huge potential for learning, growth & strength building in every day life.

Isn't that incredibly EXCITING?! 

Everything that occurs (situations, relationships, interactions, thoughts, feelings, nature, surprises, challenges) can be interpreted as an opportunity for self-development. 

After all, YOU are the greatest project that you will have in this life! 

Doing the work on ourselves impacts everything else in our world. 

Life's occurrences are a reflection of a belief we hold about ourselves, other people & the universe at large. 

It's not always obvious to see, you have to develop an insatiable level of curiosity about yourself to do this well. 

This is actually very helpful strategy for people who overthink! 

It requires detachment, the skill of self-observation WITHOUT JUDGEMENT- cue the Higher Self (a key component within Elemental Leadership®). 

Begin to change your beliefs, & you will open new doors of possibility! 

You can transform your life. 

Beliefs exist at three levels of the mind. 

1) Conscious Level: 

A belief that we are aware of but not necessarily doing anything about. 

2) Subconscious Level: 

A belief we haven't fully understood yet, but we recognise something is driving certain behaviour, feelings or thoughts & we notice a pattern of reaction. 

3) Unconscious Level: 

A belief we are oblivious to. We may not even relate to the possibility of it, it is very common for us to feel entirely disconnected from it but sometimes to recognise it in others. 

I am fascinated by human potential & the extraordinary capacity we have for change & transformation. 

Generally we are using a fraction of the potential we have within our whole mind (typically we can be left brain dominant in the Western world). 

We cannot control the external, but when we work closely with the internal, incredible things can transpire! 

May you be CURIOUS & NON-JUDGEMENTAL today! :) 

Contact me if you are curious about this work. 

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