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Tarot Coaching Experience

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Why Tarot Cards and Coaching work so well together!

I have accidentally discovered a new service and it’s very exciting…both for me and the people who experience it (the latter being the key element)! It came about unexpectedly on a day when I wasn’t feeling the love vibration! At the end of week 2 in lockdown and for a couple of days, it appeared I had to embrace some pretty heavy duty emotions.

I decided I needed to take my focus off my work and just go with the flow, give myself a break, retreat and allow and honour these emotions. The message seemed to be that I should do whatever I felt like doing in that moment to be in the best possible vibration and that it was ok to surrender to not doing very much at all, in fact, it appeared to be essential. A part of me knew these emotions, whilst murky and uncomfortable, where necessary, I always trust them and know that some form of purification or release must be occuring and that once I am through it, there will be some sort of realisation, awareness or awakening.

My thoughts wandered to reading, yes the idea of curling up on the couch with a book felt like the best possible vibration for me. I rarely read fiction (unless it's with the kids and that covers a broad range from David Walliams to Watershipdown) so a typical book for me to read would be around psychology or emotional work-related stuff. Today, I felt I would go with whatever called to me. I gravitated towards a book I have had for a while, taken on two holidays but not yet got round to reading. It felt like the perfect book in that moment and it was one about tarot reading. Grabbing my tarot cards, I fully immersed myself in the book….and remembered that tarot is actually all about psychology, emotions and energy so it was work related only it's funny how I didn't see it in the same way. I saw this as my secret indulgence!

I have been reading tarot for myself for some time, in fact it has helped me navigate choppy waters, to cultivate belief and faith, to appreciate life lessons and connect to my inner guidance system. It has also show me what I am afraid of, who I really am and it has encouraged me at times to step up and on other occasions to back down.

I started to wonder if I could help other people by using the tarot, of course I already help people with emotions and energy and beliefs in my coaching work but this was calling to me. I didn't know why exactly but I started feeling energised by the idea and I know that is always a good sign! Somehow, it felt like a gateway to offer something valuable, something insightful but shorter than coaching sessions and less expensive. Surely some insight and positivity would be helpful to people right now.... and I could spread the joy...literally with a tarot card spread!

I began by offering free readings to some close friends, some people I was in contact with who have supported me, some clients and people I know have been significantly financially impacted by the coronavirus situation. The results spoke for themselves, it was brilliant, they were all different but all so significant, on point and valuable. What a delight!

I have since opened this up as a service to anyone who feels drawn to it.

In a time when I was feeling stuck with my own emotions, offering these readings completely lifted and energised me! I still feel that way right now and as someone who very much believes in going with the energy (even though the corporate conservative part of my brain said things to put me off) it was necessary for me to go with how I feel! It feels gooood baby! It was also a necessary path for me to step into more of my authentic self and the spiritual side of life which I have gravitated towards for the past couple of years. 

In fact, sometimes we can dismiss a talent or skill in an area because it can seem too easy! This might sound strange but after the initial resistance of adding another service that was a bit 'different' and might put some people off (I know!!), I realised that it is something that comes completely naturally to me, surely that suggests running with it! I am bascially combining what I know with what I know! Doh! Even though I am a coach, it doesn't mean I don't go through my own internal battles, conflicts and have to overcome limiting beliefs and get the hell out of my own way at times! Many times :)

As an introvert, INFJ/P Myers Briggs profile, Owl spirit animal, Scorpio, life path number 9, Hermit card.... with a deep rich internal world, I can often feel completely exposed and vulnerable over things that other people might not bat an eyelid over! With hindsight, it's quite funny really! In the grand scheme of things, it really is no big deal but my goodness I went through an internal shift to get there. I also post videos about chakras on Linkedin these days...wild hey :D :D

The thing is, I know emotions, energy and intuition and how these play out in the human experience and that's really what tarot is all about in my opinon. I find it fascinating and effortless to learn about tarot, meanings, symbolism and numerology, I have always had a keen interest in these areas. Turns out my interest in moonolgy and astrology has a part to play here too! It’s all just come together and better still it HELPS people and it’s FUN!

Why do tarot cards work so well with coaching then? Well the tarot is rich in history, sometimes the oldest notions are the wisest, it makes me think of all the quotes we use from philosophers of old that are still so highly relevant today. Because the cards are visual and contain so much symbolism, it speaks directly to the subconscious mind which is why it taps straight into intuition and speaks to our soul. The visuals paint a picture, they draw on and highlight what we already know to be true. It talks my language!

Tarot also tells a powerful story, it’s about our journey through life, the joy and the heartache and it presents valuable life lessons (the tests from the universe if you like)! They represent emotions and energy (no wonder I love them!) as well as the practical aspects of life and relationships, truth, communication and more. They enable us to quickly see different perspectives, they help us to get creative, to see through the fog and understand more about ourselves. They tap into aspects of the personality that we can nurture for the best outcome, balancing masculine and feminine as well as our shadow selves (the low frequency emotions and attachments that hold us back). They bring out qualities that we can express and utilise more of to ensure that life meets our expectations and our desires are fulfilled.

Through these zoom/skype sessions I see people literally grow taller, I see the energy come back, the smile in their eyes, the nods, resonance and inner knowing. I see the limiting beliefs begin to strip away, the fire in their belly and the deep exhalation of feeling reassured, believing in themselves and the universe. It’s pretty magical because......well  people are magical and there are so many magical things we can do to raise our vibration, find alignment, change, transform, enjoy the journey, embrace the lessons and become who we were destined to be all along....the fullest part of ourselves. You have the answers within and these cards are a brilliant tool for drawing that out of you and bringing it into your conscious awareness.

If you would like your own tarot coaching experience, I have a special offer during the lock down at the highly affordable rate of £20 - £30. Each session uses a version of the Rider Waite tarot deck as well as at least one Oracle card to bring it all together at the end, plus my expertise! I do these sessions via Zoom or Skype and will Whatsapp you the cards at the same time so you can see them for yourself and keep them as reminders.

Contact me on any of my social media platforms or text me on 07789911174 or to book yours.

30 – 60 minute spreads at £20:

* Positive Path Layout (great one for looking at where you are now and how to reach a positive outcome)

* When Opportunity Knocks (something has presented itself & you would like to explore how you really feel about it)

* Waxing Moon Spread (moving with the expanding energy of the moon, where you want to be, what needs nurturing and developing to get there).

* Waning Moon Spread (working with the moon’s releasing energy, what is holding you back, what do you need to let go of).

Or ask your own questions!

60– 90 minute spreads at £30:

*Emotional Eating (look at what is driving your behaviour, how to make change and find a way forward)

*New Moon Manifestation spread + Intention Setting (set yourself up for success at the beginning of the 4 week moon cycle)

* Full Moon Tarot Spread – (let’s look at what you have created / achieved since the new moon, what is no longer serving you, what requires adjustment or release).

*Decision Making (hmm, option A or option B?)

*Soul Purpose Spread (your path, your purpose, your mission)

*Limiting Beliefs (explore what is really holding you back and start to move forward)

*Manifest Your Goals

*Career Alignment Check in (where are you at with your current career, what needs to happen to make the best choices & aligning with your aspirations).

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