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Action The Law Of Attraction!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The Law of Attraction, what do I kneed to know...?!

This blog contains top tips for you to start using now as well as further detail around my course.

Well, I think there’s quite a lot to get your head around really, more than meets the eye so to speak!

I have been running 5 week LOA courses that include, what I consider to be the content required to work effectively with the law of attraction and have designed exercises to help you dig deep. The thing is, the LOA is always in action, whether we are proactively working with it or not!

I thought I would share some tips about working with the Law of Attraction as well as describing what happens in the sessions so you can decide whether the next course is what you need.

In the first session, we introduce ourselves informally and we discuss the concept of the LOA and the importance of the Law of Vibration so that we understand the important perspectives. I share key insights as to how it all works and we have an exercise around conscious creating then end with a short and sweet heart centre meditation.

Here comes the first vital point…..the Law of Attraction is also known as the Law of Mirroring, so in essence, whatever shows up in your world is a reflection to show you what your vibration is inviting. We all have an energetic vibration and it is made up of our conscious mind, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and whatever is in our subconscious and unconscious). The idea being that the universe will bring you people and situations to show you what requires healing or integrating in your life.

This is powerful, the Law of Attraction is providing you with a life based on WHO you are (not necessarily what you think you want). It’s a great way to see what requires some attention internally too and to be patient with the learning and growth that we need to experience.

Any shifts and changes you make on the inside for the better (through healing, self-enquiry, learning etc) will be represented in your external reality. It’s worth checking out limiting beliefs, noticing who and what triggers you or brings on strong emotions and being aware of any behaviour that might belong to an old story etc. This is all impacting your ability to create your life on your terms. It is all energy!

In the second session, we take a look at time space reality and how we typically operate in the present moment and how we move from 3D reality to 4D! Time is an illusion when you start working with the LOA because time will not prevent us from reaching our desires, us not being a vibrational match to them does that!

Generally speaking, we humans tend to spend much of the present moment worrying about the future (a reality that doesn’t exist, I might add) with reference to the past (because that is what we know…and we like the known and familiar and we like certainty but it does not serve us all of the time)!

That whole idea about being present in the present moment really is priceless! Let this be one of our greatest arts, when we practice it religiously, it brings enormous peace and joy and potential into our lives.

We also take a deep dive into how we become a vibrational match to our desires and how we use the power of emotional energy to do this. This is the key! The exercises make it simple and show you exactly how to move closer towards your dreams and intentions from an energetic perspective.

We cover the WHAT and the WHY but not the HOW….the universe takes care of that part. How wonderful it is to surrender to that, to not try and control the outcome and become restricted and closed off to the incredible ways that things could unfold. When we take care of our vibration, we can trust that there is a divine plan that will bring everything together. It is liberating and it retains our energy for creativity and inspired action, it promotes expansion, openness and an abundant heart.

When we line our energy up with our desires and we let go of the resistance, the magic starts to happen and you know what, it feels REALLY REALLY good too! Why not enjoy the journey?! If we are going to get somewhere, let the journey be littered with gold and the destination will take care of itself.

We use a guided visualisation to create a powerful and inspiring movie in our minds. This is a powerful way to train the subconscious into a new level of expectation. I would highly recommend using visualisation to bring your desires closer to you.

Allow yourself to dream and feel good about it, we are all way more powerful than we know! The subconscious will start to work on your behalf (it already is but perhaps not in ideal ways). It may well need re-wiring and re-training to transform old outdated habits (of worry and what if/worst case scenarios) into new helpful and expansive ones. There are loads available on youtube etc and I have one that is free for you to use. There’s no razmatazz but it works:

In Session 3 we cover some really key points about your state of mind and how you feel about yourself because this all contributes to your vibration and that is what the universe is responding to.

We look at a simple and regular practice for turbo charging gratitude and appreciation as two large contributors to an abundant and loving mindset and how we use these to convert challenges into learning experiences too. The energy of gratitude and active appreciation is certainly aligned with the law of attraction, the more we feel this, the more good stuff will come our way; it is the law!

Self-worth and self-love are also covered in this section – we have to feel worthy and deserving of our desires otherwise, they can never be a match to us. We look at how we can actively create this for ourselves and go through a process of self-enquiry so we can shine a light on what could be preventing us from being all of who we really are destined to be.

Try this….how easy do you find it to look in the mirror and make eye contact and tell yourself that you love you? If you struggle with this, it could be very telling. More self-love is required! I used to think this sort of thing was a load of hogwash to be honest but I have transformed myself over the past couple of years and I realised that my resistance or lack of interest was likely one of my many defences for seeing the truth. It’s not selfish to do this and it isn’t narcissistic when it comes from a place of love not fear. It’s not about being in love with yourself but being able to love yourself and be kind and compassionate towards yourself without blocks or barriers to prevent you. It’s about feeling worthy not feeling inferior or superior to anyone else. This is followed by a grounding meditation to keep us anchored and centred and shift perspective.

Now this brings me onto another powerful contributor to working with the LOA! That is meditation. Where do I start with this, it’s epic! This was something else I used to struggle with immensely. Now it is a daily practice for me and one of my favourite activities. The good news is, it’s cheap and easy to do, you don’t need much to make it happen! Maybe that’s why I was sceptical lol!

The more your mind races, the more challenging it will likely be for you to meditate but don’t let that put you off. It is even more important for you to do it but you might need to take it very slowly. I can meditate for a long time now but when I started, I found two minutes really hard, don’t be disheartened, it will all come together with practice.

If you struggle, don’t be hard on yourself, see it as something enjoyable and keep it short and sweet. I am so grateful for all the guided meditations available, there really is something for everyone so try it out and do your best to enjoy it.

Meditation is so beneficial, it would take me ages to write down all the reasons. What I will say, is that in relation to LOA, it helps us calm our mind and to get into a relaxed state which means that our brainwaves change and we can more easily inform and access the subconscious mind - ideal for doing visualisation work!

It also helps us connect to ourselves which is brilliant for tuning into our intuition and our body and emotions. There is gold here, the more you connect with this space, the more you will develop this. Our body gives us so much information and signs, this is how feelings communicate with us, it is how the subconscious speaks to us.

It’s really important to make time to get out of our heads (in a healthy way lol) and into our bodies. We can very easily lose this connection and a prime example of this is anxiety. We tend to misread the wisdom that is presented through our emotions and escape and abandon ourselves by running off into our overthinking whirring mind. We have lost true connection then.

Regular meditation has an enormous effect on our health, body, mind and spirit. More than I can even put into words! If you would like to feel grounded and feel that you have an equal connection to the earth, with yourself (your truest nature) and the universe, this is an ideal way to achieve it. This is how we manifest from a place of wholeness. We can be connected to a bigger force, a bigger energy and at the same time we can practically bring our desires into being on earth.

I feel session 4 is a really big one. We cover resistance v alignment and the art of getting into alignment, this is perhaps the best LOA principle to work with, if you get confused with everything else, this is one to watch.

When we resist reality, we are in struggle against what is, we feel lack, have no patience, everything feels hard, nobody cares, we feel trapped as if everything is permanent and that life is giving us what we don’t want…and that doesn’t get us very far. That is not to say however, that we don’t honour our emotions, including the ones we don’t like feeling….that is where we can really fail.

That art of being in alignment is basically finding ways/thoughts etc to feel a bit better and the power of this cannot be underestimated. It’s about reaching the flow state, that patient point of trusting, having faith that everything is happening for us not to us, that we are moving with the tide, we are focused on abundance and we know that everything is playing out like a symphony. When we are so aligned, we can literally think things into being in rapid time!

We look at how we do this gradually and at the same time, being capable of honouring our range of emotions. I love a bit of positive psychology but not at the expense of denying and misinterpreting our so called ‘negative’ feeling emotions. That is like sprinkling confetti on top of a cow pat!!

With LOA, we have to be more focused on what we DO want in our life but often we slip into resistance when we start questioning where our stuff is! We are often more focused on the fact that it isn’t happening yet and then we are in a state of lack, fear and scarcity and will attract more of the same.

In this session, I guide you through how to manage and handle negative emotions, I can’t go into specific full detail of what each emotion might be telling you but if that is something you would like to work on, it would be best explored in my 121 emotional health coaching sessions.

We also look at recognising and changing patterns, exploring our relationship with all sorts of things/people and our beliefs around this and we very much enjoy a golden shadow exercise (spoiler alert, can’t give too much away there)! We close with a creating and destroying meditation.

If you would like to know more about how to manage negative emotions in the body and then how to use a process of self-enquiry to explore them, you are welcome to check out my blog on that very topic:

In the final session of the course, we cover money! Money is simply energy and we can create more of it using the LOA techniques that I will share in this session. There are lots of techniques and take-aways to use regularly throughout our life and see the change begin!

Rest assured that you can change and transform your relationship with money for the better. It is such a common block to have and will likely reflect (that old mirror thing again!) what is happening on the inside when it comes to your thoughts and beliefs about money and indeed your relationship with yourself).

If I could give you one of those practical tips right now, I would suggest that you start to bless money, each and every penny that comes in and goes out of your life! Actively thank it when you spend it and thank it when it comes in, don’t pay attention to the amount, just how you feel about it!! You are loading every transaction you make with energy but it might not be the best kind currently or you may not even pay attention. Pay attention and actively praise and appreciate every penny.

I feel quite sad about these courses ending with the fabulous people I have had the joy of working with but I am grateful of course and will look forward to more!

I keep the groups to a maximum of 9 participants, just enough to have sharing but not too many so it doesn’t become impersonal. I appreciate it can feel awkward for some people when a new group come together on zoom, but we soon get to know each other and the space is respectful and kind.

We can learn so much from each other so it’s a great way to encourage speaking up and being who you are. This work only works if we are authentic and that means being honest and sometimes vulnerable. We have also been having a great laugh along the way and I have had messages from people to say they don’t want it to end. What a journey!

My next Law of Attraction Course is in January 2021!

YES! Start the year as you mean to go on with a supporting and empowering 5 week course that is transformational, practical, spiritual and fun! There is homework/a focus for each week so you can actively and easily incorporate the leaning into your life! Let’s make the magic happen!

Monday 4th Jan – Monday 2nd Feb 9.30am – 11.30am.

Book your place here:

For more details, head to my website:

Thank you for reading and look after yourself and your vibration, it’s vital!

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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