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Empowered Beyond Belief


Master your emotional energy and mindset


Live with purpose and empower others.


Become greater than your perceived limitations.

Move beyond the barriers of your belief system


Transform your life experience.

Embrace your authentic self and your powerful potential.

Build healthy boundaries for communication in all relationships (professional & personal).

Develop a new level of self-awareness and insight.

Nurture self-worth and inner peace for powerful leadership.

Connect with your intuition and inner strength.


I work with a blend of psychology and spirituality for the purpose of empowering you on your journey of transformation and personal leadership through 121 coaching and group workshops.

As a former sceptic who has been (and is still) on my own journey of transformation, I am passionate about helping you understand your emotional energy and how it impacts every area of your life from personal relationships to your business.

With a deep understanding of the way our mind works, emotions and human behaviour, I get beneath the obvious. Whilst my approach is compassionate, genuine and supportive, I will hold you accountable because I believe you have the power to change!

Be prepared to open your mind and grow...because you CAN do it! I have the skills to empower you and you must be invested in doing the work.

Professional Background: coaching, sales, business development, business growth, recruitment, training and team building in the corporate sector, education and self-employment.

My Passion from this experience: People and Service Delivery. 


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Good Vibes, Amanda G

What my clients say:

"I got in touch with Amanda after a recommendation and she has worked wonders!

I have struggled with anxiety, low self-esteem, and confidence problems most of my life.

Amanda has helped me develop me. It feels like the barriers that were holding me back have been removed and I can now move forward with great pace. I have learnt to understand forgiveness, judgement and being ok with myself. Anxiety and migraines have reduced significantly.

I am moving my business forward opening another office, mentoring other managers, growing my team. I have asked Amanda to work with some of my team to help grow and develop and again the results have made a positive impact on not only the person but the business.

Would highly recommend."

Michelle Thompson, MD of Unique Homecare Services Ltd.

"When I first started 121’s with Amanda, my life was a million miles away from where it is now. I have seen many therapists, counsellors and mental health experts over the years but with Amanda it feels different.

To me, it has seemed all about looking forward, seeing potential possibilities and finding positives in situations that I would not previously have seen. I believe that whatever stage of your life you are at, Amanda will join you there and help you to work through it.

 I feel a much stronger, and dare I say it, a far less guilt-ridden person since meeting Amanda and I really want to continue to grow in this way. Vikki.


"Amanda helps me make sense of myself, my career/working life and most importantly my family life. I am drawn to her approach which is both straight talking and abundant in kindness. I know I am accountable for the work we do together because for the first time ever I am committed to changing the way I view my world.


I highly recommend Amanda’s coaching, principles and practices to anyone looking for support with accountability. You will need a tiny bit of courage to get you going however you will be hooked from the first session." Sam Moxham​, Director


"I've had 2 sessions with Amanda so far which have been so incredibly helpful to me in unravelling some patterns of thinking that I have struggled with my whole life.


Amanda is positive, practical and personable in her approach. She has really helped things click into place for me and I already feel so much happier and confident." Fiona


"I've experienced two sessions with Amanda so far and the difference has been like night and day. My state of mind has improved immeasurably and I now go to sleep looking forward to the next day. I've done things that I've been procrastinating on in my career and in relationships. I feel like I've had 10 x the value of the cost of the sessions. Thank you Amanda." Richard


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