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Amanda Green Coaching

Empowered Beyond Belief

“Embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation.” Bernie S. Siegel

Hello & Welcome! 

I am Amanda Green, I am a mother, wife, and lover of laughing!

The work I offer:  

Spiritual Direction & Transformational Coaching for Leaders & People of Influence.  


Guiding you on a transformational journey beyond your current beliefs to fulfil your greatest potential with integrity & courage.  


My Story (the very short version)! 


After 20+ years in business development, training, coaching & facilitation and being determined to find the answers to human behaviour through psychology, I experienced a mind-blowing spiritual awakening! 


My belief system was radically overhauled & expanded as I transformed from the inside out. 




I have gained a deep understanding of spiritual & emotional intelligence and intuition. To say I can ‘read between the lines’ would be somewhat of an understatement. 


My Why: 


To guide you beyond the patterns that hold you back from living your fullest life and serving to your highest capacity.  

My Mission: To bring Spiritual & Emotional Intelligence to professionals, for the purpose of transformational change in your leadership & your culture.

For more info about this, check out the link to Elemental Leadership below. 

My 121 Clients: 


My clients are sensitive or intuitive (they may or may not be aware of this) are service led and driven by their desire to make a difference.

I help you open your heart & mind to unlock & access this inner power.  


Contact me for a confidential, non-judgemental chat on 07789911174 or

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Thank You!

"I met Amanda at a HR event about 4 years ago and was just absolutely blown away with her approach. Fast forward 4 years and I was in a position where I needed some help to help me progress both emotionally and in my career. 

Amanda provides a totally safe space to talk things through and move forward to a place of higher respect for myself and other people. Using a balanced blend of psychology and spirituality, I cannot tell you how much she has helped me and enabled me to view life more positively and move forward with purpose.

Amanda is a wonderful person and has a true gift. If you need support to help you navigate through your life or to move your career forward there is only one person I would recommend and that’s Amanda.


Thank you Amanda for helping me raise my vibration and to help me achieve my dreams and goals, you are a truly authentic and wonderful person."


All my love and gratitude,

Liz - HR Manager

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