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Empowered Beyond Belief

Master your emotional energy and mindset

Move beyond the barriers of your belief system

Build healthy boundaries for communication in all relationships (professional & personal)

Live with purpose and empower others


I bring Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence to Leaders for the purpose of Transformation.

​121 Coaching & Facilitation.

Personal Leadership is about developing a deep level of self-awareness and responsibility for our thoughts, language, emotions, behaviour, communication and relationships.

Professional Background: Coaching, sales, business development, business growth, recruitment, events, training and team building.

Sectors: Corporate B2B & B2C, Education & Self-employment.

My Passion from this experience: People, Service Delivery & Leadership.


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Good Vibes, Amanda G

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What my clients say:

"I got in touch with Amanda after a recommendation and she has worked wonders!

I have struggled with anxiety, low self-esteem, and confidence problems most of my life.

Amanda has helped me develop me. It feels like the barriers that were holding me back have been removed and I can now move forward with great pace. I have learnt to understand forgiveness, judgement and being ok with myself. Anxiety and migraines have reduced significantly.

I am moving my business forward opening another office, mentoring other managers, growing my team. I have asked Amanda to work with some of my team to help grow and develop and again the results have made a positive impact on not only the person but the business.

Would highly recommend."

Michelle Thompson, MD of Unique Homecare Services Ltd.

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