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Empowered Beyond Belief

My personal journey has largely influenced the work I do.


I am a former sceptic of spirituality! 


In all honestly, I wanted to find the answers to my problems through science and psychology.


Needless to say, it didn't work out that way!


I certainly found many of the answers there, but the detective within me kept searching for the truth...which was not what I expected, to say the least! 

To cut a very long, enlightening, intense, emotional journey short, I found many of my answers in the shadow (the subconscious or unconscious parts of ourselves we have suppressed). 


Through this work, I have been able to connect to my intuition, emotional landscape and ultimately my soul. 

That classic film line "you can't handle the truth" was very true for me! I had no idea what I was unlocking. 


I was so stuck in my logical, sceptical left side of my brain, I found the transition really difficult. 


I had no idea how much fear I had around spirituality and accessing the psychic realm.


My fear was in fact my greatest block which is the case for so many of us in general. 


Spirituality, intuition and psychic ability is now my greatest gift and I have learned to have reverence for it. 

I wouldn't change my journey now of course, I have found my path, I know who I am and I have uncovered gifts I never knew I had.


Spiritual and Emotional intelligence have empowered me to change many areas of my life that I would never have been able to impact otherwise. 

The best part is, I get to help other people do this too, in a really special way with a unique blend of skills.


I feel blessed to help my clients heal and embrace their power and truth  at a deeply transformational level. 

Who I Help: 

Typically I work with people who are intuitive and/or sensitive but haven't yet fully discovered the power of their intuition and spiritual connection. 

Often times clients work with me because they...

* feel a resonance with me (that's energy talking!) 

* are making a transition in life which feels scary / exciting 

* are experiencing some sort of crisis 

* take things personally, worry, over analyse  

* feel triggered by people and situations

* react fearfully or feel like you will be told off / get in trouble

* struggling with a relationship (family, romantic or work related)

* regularly experience any of the following: anger, anxiety, guilt, doubt, blame,    shame, resentment, victim consciousness, insecurity or low self-esteem

* co-dependent 

* are overworking, over thinking and struggle to relax 

* are people pleasing / not speaking their truth

* lack trust and faith 

* struggle to let go 

* are negatively impacted by perfectionism 

* compare yourself to others regularly 

* judgemental / critical of self, others or both 

* try to control everything  

* have a negative relationship to money, food or anything else

* have impostor syndrome / not feeling good enough 

* feel different / like you don't belong

* struggle with boundaries (with yourself and / or others)

* want to make a difference / do things differently in their environment 

* want to find your purpose / gifts and to use it

* sceptical of spirituality and / or the psychic realm 


I tend to find that the people who work with me have one or more of the following archetypes (the attribute not necessarily job title) and are interested in learning more about themselves: 

Leader - Coach - Healer - Mentor - Guide - Creative - Artist - Teacher - Counsellor - Visionary - Seeker - Detective - Intuitive 

My work is rich and varied but essentially revolves around the journey of the soul. 

It is about developing a deep connection to the power of your intuition and exploring what lies in your subconscious so you can understand your emotional landscape, thought processes, beliefs and energy. 


It is predominantly about understanding what you are here to learn and transcend through (karma) to reach your destiny and how to do it.


This is integration. 

To be integrated is to have integrity and become whole.

It is the journey of understanding and loving yourself.

My approach is both spiritual and practical. 


I bring Spiritual & Emotional Intelligence for the purpose of Transformation.

Professional Background: 121 coaching, group facilitation, sales, business growth, recruitment, events, training and team building.

Sectors: Corporate, education & self-employment.

My passion from this experience: Transformation, people, service delivery & leadership. 



Let's talk! 

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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What my clients say:

"I got in touch with Amanda after a recommendation and she has worked wonders!

I have struggled with anxiety, low self-esteem, and confidence problems most of my life.

Amanda has helped me develop me. It feels like the barriers that were holding me back have been removed and I can now move forward with great pace. I have learnt to understand forgiveness, judgement and being ok with myself. Anxiety and migraines have reduced significantly.

I am moving my business forward opening another office, mentoring other managers, growing my team. I have asked Amanda to work with some of my team to help grow and develop and again the results have made a positive impact on not only the person but the business.

Would highly recommend."

Michelle Thompson, MD of Unique Homecare Services Ltd.

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