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One day 'Raise Your Vibration' Workshop:


Sat 14th March 2020

Vitality, Garstang, Lancashire

Thurs 30th April 2020

Vitality, Garstang, Lancashire

Wed 24th June 2020

The Create Escape, Milnthorpe

Sat 28th March 2020

NEW! Healthy Warrior Workshop



'Raise Your Vibration' Workshop                              


10am - 4pm                  

Gain the tools and the confidence to manage your emotions, trust your intuition, overcome limiting beliefs and make actual change happen.

If you are up for an interactive, thought provoking and highly practical learning/sharing experience with a small group of like-minded people, then this workshop is for you. We will be looking at how to raise our vibration and develop a new level of energy and be excited for the future and reaching a new frequency!


The focus of the day is positive psychology with a mixture of neuroscience, energy, coaching and more. It is delivered in a clear & practical way with elements to really stretch your thinking. Learn techniques for understanding and managing emotions (these generally drive most of our behaviour) and connecting with your gut instinct.

We will be looking at the powerful impact of maintaining an abundant/growth mindset, your beliefs, where they come from, how they serve you and how to begin to overcome the limiting variety.

We will explore the character strengths of happiness and how to incorporate these into your daily life. We will end on a high by creating your personal vision and a strategy to bring these future desires into the present and to tap into that frequency.

This is a fun day but it is far from fluffy! It could be a game changer for you. Your thoughts and beliefs become your reality so it’s worth investing in developing this, it’s your life and your future! We can all benefit from a check in here as often, we are simply running on auto-pilot and that may not take us to the best places or states.

You will be provided with a full workbook that you can continue to use going forward and invited to an online community for attendees afterwards. You will also receive a deck of your very own VIBE of the Day positive psychology cards.

Amanda Green is an Emotional Health Coach who uses a blend of positive psychology, coaching, psychotherapy and a focus on energy to support clients. Our outer world is often a reflection of our inner world and this can be mastered.

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Feedback from these workshops:


"Positive, constructive session with a good group of people. Very well structured." Shaun

"This is a route map based on science & experience." Tim


"Very secure environment to share thoughts & feelings. I discovered I am no different to anyone else, we all have our own insecurities." Lenka


"I have learned that I can easily change my energy & how that affects others also how strong our beliefs are & how debilitating they can be." Jo


"I've enjoyed the whole day, meeting other people & learning about how to change my mindset." Sally


"I have found all the learning & techniques so valuable to use in my personal life & business." Louise

"Fabulous workshop today with Amanda. Really simple positive tools provided by an extremely well-read coach, so I totally recommend it if you want to flip some limiting beliefs/blocks out if your life, or become more conscious of how to overcome any challenges at whatever level you think you may be facing. Or if you just want to become even better at what you do in any area of your life... worth every penny.

If you want to manage your own psychology around decisions you have to make, or people you lead or want to move away from, or if you want to improve your health, or develop self awareness in any area of your life, or just become a bit happier(!), I highly recommend you sign up for the next workshop.

Not only does Amanda know what she’s talking about, she brings her own self to the party- this ain’t no training course or heavy sesh! It’s just about real people growing. Worked for me." Carolyn

"I attended this workshop yesterday and was really impressed. Amanda really knows her stuff and delivers everything in a clear and friendly way. The tasks were brilliant and there’s plenty to build on when you come away. I’m already making changes and feel so much more positive. If anyone is looking to reinvigorate or find the focus (personal or business) I can wholeheartedly recommend Amanda’s Raising Your Vibration workshops. Thank you Amanda"


"If you feel your thoughts are all at sea with no destination Amanda is the pilot you need to help guide you to the destination your gut knows but your inner chimp conflicts with and feel your vibration.
This was really an inspirational session I was fortunate enough to enrol on and secure a space as it sold out, which speaks volumes.
Amanda presented and listened without judgement the whole group felt like we were on the same page or vibration and learnt much from our own personal experiences
If you have even a small interest go for it as this will open you mind to a whole new thought process thank you Amanda. May the vibe be with you!" 😁