What to expect

  • Supportive, non-judgemental, confidential & warm approach

  • Focus on your emotional health, wellbeing & energy

  • Safe platform to express yourself without impacting a close relationship

  • Raise your energy, your vibrations & attract more of the good stuff in life

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and blockages

  • Become conscious of emotions, thoughts & behaviours

  • Practice acceptance & make mindful choices

  • Positive thinking and greater joy

  • Appreciate the high value of self-care

  • Tap into an appreciation & zest for life

  • The power of mindfulness & meditation

  • Increased resilience

  • Setting meaningful intentions & develop new habits

  • Connect with your values, gut instinct & your purpose

  • Boost your self-esteem

  • Rewire your brain!

  • Techniques for managing stress, overwhelm & overcoming anxiety

  • Feel better and more able to cope after just one session

  • A selection of practical exercises and notes for self-development

  • Clarity, perspective and learning

  • Planning for the future

  • Form SMART goals and understand how motivated you are by them

  • Skills and learning for life

  • Some laughter along the way!


Amanda Green

Emotional Health Coach



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