Work-related Stress 

Work-related stress can dominate our existence and affect happiness, health and wellbeing. The flight or fight response is useful in an emergency situation, however, prolonged exposure to stress hormones and adrenaline can cause problems for many of your body’s processes and it can make you miserable. 

When you are suffering from stress, it can be difficult to think clearly and logically because your decisions are made from a position of fear and threat. When your mind is racing, it can be challenging to function, let alone thinking of creative solutions.  Often this feeling can become ‘the norm’ but your health and sanity depend upon you being able to recognise this level of stress, acknowledge it and set about making positive change.


It is possible to get overcome stress and get into a calm and confident state (not easy, but possible)! Trusted and tested techniques as well as a sequence of coaching sessions can have an enormous positive effect.

Workplace stress can stem from overwhelm, workload, pressures, expectations or targets, confrontation, conflicts of personality, change, management, lack of communication or direction, feeling bullied or undervalued and it can make us thoroughly miserable. You might even wonder why you are still doing the job! 


We generally spend a significant proportion of our lives at work so it is incredibly valuable to be able to handle a situation or individual without letting it affect our happiness. 


If you can answer 'yes' to any of the following, it could be the right time to get in touch for a free consultation, there is certainly nothing lost and life is just too short to allow work related stress to take over and hijack your emotions and head space....

  • do you have the feeling you are going to be 'told off' at work?

  • do you feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to prioritise?

  • is your mind constantly racing with unhelpful thoughts?

  • are you struggling to get to sleep and do you wake frequently before it's time to get up? 

  • are you feeling on edge or finding it hard to concentrate outside work?

  • do you find it difficult to switch off outside work and are you constantly checking and re-reading emails? 

  • are you playing out work related scenarios in your mind /imagining confrontational situations? 

  • do you feel self conscious about expressing your opinions at work? 

  • does the thought of going into the office or meetings make you feel nervous?

  • have you recently had a panic attack or are you fearful of having one?

  • are you doubting yourself and losing touch with your values?

Stress can affect many of us, it can happen to the strongest and most confident people. Take action early. My coaching sessions can help you be the person you want to be, react in exactly the way you wish to, manage your state and emotions and deflect comments and actions from others as if you have a built-in lightsaber! 

Contact Amanda Green Coaching on or 07789911174 for a free consultation and to find out how coaching can help keep you feeling sane. 

"Inner peace begins the moment you take a deep breath and choose not to allow another person

or event to control your emotions." Marc Chernoff