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Your Truth Is Your Authentic Power

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

TRUTH - This seems to have become my word of the year (and possibly the word of my life!) and it kind of found me. Although, I was actually searching for it for a long time, the truth that is! I have done an enormous amount of investigation, no surprise that one of my archetypes is the Detective and one is the Seeker.

I searched high and low for the truth, the truth of why we are how we are, the truth of our pain and suffering, the truth of our emotions. I tried desperately to find the truth in science and psychology and I did find many answers there that resonated massively but I found some of the deepest truths in the most unexpected of places!

I also found the truth within myself, my soul and in spirituality as well as energy.

It’s an ongoing journey of course!

My journey began with scepticism!! Just a couple of years ago, I didn’t believe in much of anything that I could not see beyond the end of my nose! I thought this stuff about spirits and whatnot was a right load of (insert words of your choice)! Yes, that is my confession and I am not judging myself for it, I understand it is all part of my path.

I was a tough convert to the spiritual world, not because anyone was trying to convert me, they weren’t, it was mostly because of the limitations of my own thinking! I discovered my truths through my own experiences and research as well as reading a vast range of books and materials written and produced by inspirational people. I will have to share a book list soon. I am also blessed to have the support and experience of amazing people who are connected to their spirituality (and now I understand what they are talking about)!

I was a black and white thinker and I desperately wanted to find all the answers in science, I wanted it all to make sense and for there to be a simple explanation for things. How naïve I was! The doorway for me into what lies beyond the physical 3D realm was a fascination that I had with astrology, that was the first crack where the light started to come in.

Prior to my awakenings, I was ‘successful’ and driven and positive and at the same time, I was a victim of my own limited thinking. I didn’t know what emotions meant and I found other ways to handle life whenever they showed up uninvited!

I only knew the intellect and couldn’t really comprehend that there would be anything else to consider. The modern world is very focused on intellect, it has been held high regard for a long time and that’s great because brains are brilliant. But I believe that intellect is limited.

I learned so much about the mind and the brain but I could never make it all make full sense and piece it together with the meaning of life. I discovered that there is something greater to tap into….energy! There is a greater consciousness. There is wisdom in the soul and messages in the spirit world.

The stuff I am open to and believe in now would have sounded ludicrous to me a few years ago, I would have laughed myself out of the room (which has a positive side because laughing is the best)! The thing is, this stuff that sounded ludicrous to me then, is now the only thing that actually makes any sense to me.

I have had personal experiences and huge internal shifts as part of my own journey of transformation that have led me to my truths. More recently, an influx of dreams, visions, messages and experiences that are far beyond logic but they do make perfect sense and have guided me.

Here’s my first truth, the truth that is new to me, but completely real and the only truth that I am at peace with. I am of course open to learning more, being the eternal student (another archetype)!

We are already enough, we always have been. When we can hold a space of enoughness for ourselves at all times (with self-compassion and soul-esteem) that is where the magic is, without the judgement. Judgement being one of the major causes of suffering for individuals and within relationships.

There is of course a lot of ongoing work for many of us to maintain and develop this and this is how we grow, so long as it is not based on the premise of chasing enoughness. When we chase the feeling of enough, like so many things in life, it is the neediness that repels exactly what we want to attract. It is the resistance to who we are and what we are feeling that keeps inner peace as an illusive concept. Without it, we will forever be at the mercy of things and people outside of ourselves dictating our enoughness and happiness.

The journey of self-discovery can be enlightening one, but it can also be one of the most torturous experiences when it comes from a place of thinking there is something wrong with us in the first place.

There are many trappings of the modern world, culture and our ego that enhances this idea for us on a daily if not hourly basis. To think that there is something fundamentally insufficient about ourselves leads to all kinds of inner and outer chaos. To misunderstand and avoid our difficult emotions is so easy to do but when we do this, we abandon ourselves. There is no one quick fix that is going to work to stop us from feeling pain and to stop us from being exactly who we are. The soul knows this is a blessing in disguise. It’s where the very magic of our soul essence hides.

If I think about the reason many people want to be different, it can in and of itself be a rejection of ourselves. It is a message to ourselves to say, I don’t want you, you are not good enough for me and I need to fix you. This is the exact opposite of what is actually required to heal and grow. I get this, I did it to myself for decades.

I am all for making improvements, absolutely yes, it’s critical but not in the chasing of this idea that we can get to a place where we don’t feel uncomfortable. We are meant to, it is called growth. It is often the resistance to the experience of the feeling of discomfort that causes the battle inside us. We don’t like what we have come to interpret as pain and some of us will avoid it at all costs whether that is with temporary relief, coming up with ego-based justifications, making other people ‘wrong’ etc…and there is a cost, an underlying cost to our health and our highest potential in this life and the next.

We might not like aspects of ourselves because we know they are not helping us, but they did at one point because they are often survival patterns that were formulated to protect us. Why not start by loving what we already have, there is lead to be turned into gold here and yes, it is very hard at times, but let’s never give up on ourselves. We are worth it. We can be the difference and we can make a difference.

I heard the word flawesome recently and loved it and shared it! That is who we are, flawed and awesome all at the same time, perfectly imperfect, human, enough.

Here’s another of my truths. We are not perfect but we are designed with divine perfection for our purpose (as everything is from a soul perspective without judgement). The archetypes within us will either cause us suffering if they slip into the shadow aspect or help us shine when they are used to their maximum potential.

Let’s take an example; the perfectionist archetype.

We may fear the perfectionist rising up within us when it is operating in the shadow aspect, that aspect that tells us that nothing is ever good enough. It can have us chasing illusions of control, it can push us into procrastination and have us fearful of taking action and load us with judgement and criticism.

It even takes a perfectionist approach to healing (which is another form of self-sabotage) and obstruct the natural flow and ups and downs of life. I see this happen a lot. There’s nothing we love more than a quick fix or something or someone to take the pain away but all that is temporary relief and keeps us stuck on that hamster wheel. It’s also completely understandable because it’s how many of us have been trained.

We do have the choice to empower ourselves by working with highest aspect of any archetype. The highest aspect of the perfectionist archetype means you are focused, you will get a lot done and you will do it very well/ to the best of your ability! You are capable and you know you can be relied on, you can meet deadlines and be prepared, you notice the details, you have an eye for a beautiful finished product or something that functions with great efficiency.

It could also be an indicator that you don’t need to worry about doing a job because there is something innate to you that demands a high level of attention and results. The balance being we don’t use it to beat ourselves up, we don’t let the judgemental aspect rise up (towards ourselves and others) and we develop a level of knowing that there is a ‘good enough’ stage, that flexibility is a kind friend and that we learn the most through making mistakes. We learn about embracing feedback without taking it personally.

That’s just one example, there are many more aspects of ourselves to grow and nourish and love and alchemise. It is an inner game and it is an ongoing one.

My other truth is that I know who I am and I am a contrast of so many things. I am both strong and sensitive. I feel pain very deeply and I choose a higher perspective. I am spiritual and practical. I am down to earth and I have an appreciation for strategy and vision and I can also easily get lost in my own world. I am psychic (most recent development!) and I can be cynical. I am positive and I also have the kind of mind that if left to its own devices, would destroy me. I am deeply introverted but I have a need to be heard. I observe it all and I can now own it.

This psychic development has been a rollercoaster! It has scared me, delighted me, frustrated me and given me so much love all at the same time. I am trusting it and myself and have had the support and love of some incredible people that I am truly grateful for on this journey.

Here’s another of my truths, I know we all have a soul and our soul has a path. Our soul connection is the most vital guidance we have to fulfilling our destiny and to serve our purpose in this lifetime.

Our soul contains a wisdom that is beyond the realms of intellect and science and one of our ongoing lessons will be connecting to this space and detaching from the judgement and trappings of the egoic mind.

Authentic power is my favourite phrase right now. Authentic power is the alignment of the soul and the ego, this is when we have a healthy ego, when it is working on behalf of the soul and is truly connected. You might prefer the idea of head and heart coherence or alignment.

The soul is the inner guiding light, it knows YOUR truth. The ego has other ideas around judgement and attachment and will act out through our survival patterns and the shadow side of the archetypes within our psyche when it is missing or devoid of a strong soul connection. It will be fearful, it will believe that our survival depends on manipulation, judgement, being right, being superior or inferior, co-dependence, addiction etc.

The disharmony we feel, the inner struggle is the disconnection between our soul and ego and our own self-rejection and lack of individuation and soul connection; both, all are needed to work together in harmony.

A deep connection with the soul and the alignment of the ego will lead us to our destiny. The universal laws will light the way, specifically referring to the law of attraction, aka the law of mirroring.

The law of mirroring is the universe’s way of providing us with the tests, the people, the situations for our growth. How we handle it will determine our path. If we get stuck in repeating patterns and fixed by our limitations, we will stay stuck in fate (the hand that was dealt).

If we choose to learn, to transform and grow, to see all these things as opportunities for growth (the soul perspective) then we will move towards destiny. It is only the unhealthy ego that judges the situations, ourselves and others as right or wrong, as good or bad and this enhances suffering. The soul doesn’t have the same perspective, it is here for the transformation.

Here’s another of my truths – we are who we are and the sum of our experiences are all ideal for our unique purpose and the less we try to run away from ourselves, the better. We can’t magic pain away because the point is that we are meant to do something with it, we are meant to alchemise it, to transform it. The more we reject it, the more we suffer.

Changemakers, the heart led leaders of this world have had their challenges so that they can transform into their fullest potential and use the highest aspect of this learning to help themselves and others. When we can work with our shadow, with the greatest love and compassion, we open the darkness up to light, we let the love in and love can transform fear. Awareness and acceptance are powerful forces. You are the light and you can be a light for others and we definitely need more light in the world.

You are already enough, it’s a case of loving all of who you are so that you can shine more brightly. Imagine that, what’s next when you know that at a soul level?! Imagine what we can actually do when we know that we are enough!

Here’s one more truth of mine….I don’t feel naturally confident when I put myself out there, I have trained myself to do what I need to do. I have to choose courage every single time. I used to wish that was different, I used to wish that I just felt supremely confident all the time. I used to learn and read and try so much to get to that point. There are so many promises of ‘be super confident’ etc out there. I felt like a failure some of the time because no matter what I tried, it didn’t work.

Then I just started to love myself anyway, I decided to listen to my emotions and find that there are some benefits in fear, it sharpens the senses, it prepares us when we need it, it energises us when we feel tired. I work with the fear, I reassure it, I grow with it and learn from it. I decide that I can do what I need to do at the same time as feeling fear. I can make it all work, it’s not easy but it gets better. I will never give up and now I feel and know and have accepted my truths, there is no going back.

I am here to be who I am and to grow into who I am meant to be and share my truths with whoever it resonates with and heals.

We are on this journey together. Your truth may be different to mine and that’s just brilliant.

As long as you know and feel in your heart and soul what your truth is, that is your authentic power.

Good Vibes, Amanda G

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